Which Should Host Our Presidential Candidates?

Last week I made a post on the pilgrimage undertaken by our Presidential candidates to the Catham House London to present their agenda for Nigeria to the foreign think tank. This is the second part or continuation of the post

How many Candidates for the office of British Prime Minister have ever appeared before the Chatham House to explain their political agenda for the United Kingdom?

Why is the Chatham House so interested in the politics of Nigeria to the extent every person contesting or even wishing to contest for the Presidency of Nigeria must appear before the Chatham House to present his credentials to a foreign body that can not influence the outcome of the election in Nigeria

It’s even more insulting to the collective intelligence of Nigerians that these presidential candidates even consider it as an achievement to be invited or solicit an invitation by the Chatham House London to address the House on their mission and vision for the Nigerian people

This begs the question what is wrong with our National Institute For Policy And Strategic Studies that our Presidential candidates should not do there, what they running to London to do at the Chatham House?

Is it an extension of neo colonialism on the part of the foreign think tank or a manifestation of inferiority complex and disregard for self worth on the part of our Politicians that is fueling this JAPA approach to domestic politics?

The Chatham House pilgrimage by our Presidential candidates has no value addition to the domestic electoral worth of any Presidential candidate in Nigeria

The votes that they need to win the election are here in Nigeria not in the UK.. The Candidates should address us through our local national think tank the National Institute For Policy And Strategic Studies Kuru (NIPSS)

The National Institute has produced the highest caliber of leadership for Nigeria across all spectrums of our national lives..The Institute is the nation’s foremost Think Tank. That’s where the Presidential candidate should be not at Chatham House.

It’s a negation of patriotism to shun what we have built with public resources to go abroad to a similar Institution to project the political mission and vision of persons seeking to occupy the highest political office in Nigeria

Yusuf Shehu Usman, mni

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