Channels Television: Great Observation from Yusuf K. Gazali

Since the inception of this television station I have not seen a single Muslim Anchoring any program or even casting any news. Does it mean there are no Muslim Journalists? Or channels belongs to a particular sect of the society?

I also noticed every morning the station airs a Bible study programme called Turning Point (which I personally enjoy and learn a lot from ), It also has similar programme at exactly 6 to 7pm before Politics Today.

Not a single Muslim programme has however earned such favour from this TV station.

One can argue and say they are all sponsored, but hey we all know there is more to it than just being Sponsored. At least AIT shows some compassion by airing the Adhan (call for prayer).

My question is does this TV Chanel has any Moral right to question the Muslim-Muslim ticket by the APC? When most of its staff are Christian and programmes skewed to favour one religion.

With all this, Nobody called it a Christian channel, nor did anybody complain about the members of staff being predominantly Christians.

What Nigerians see is a group of Brilliant news Anchors and reporters who are good at their Jobs, with no sentiments attached to it.

If Tinubu and Kashim Shettima can take Nigeria to the promised land so be it.

Certainly Channels has no moral justification to question a Muslim-Muslim ticket or even a Christian-Christian ticket.

It should first clean it’s own house first.

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