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Jafar ibn Abi Talib

In spite of his noble standing among the Quraysh, Abu Talib, an uncle of the Prophet, was quite poor. He had a large family and did not have enough means to support them adequately. His poverty-stricken situation became much worse when a severe drought hit the Arabian peninsula. The drought destroyed vegetation and livestock and, […]
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Umayr ibn Sad al-Ansari

Umayr ibn Sad became an orphan at an early age. His father died leaving him and his mother poor and destitute. His mother eventually married again, to one of the richest men in Madinah. His name was Julas ibn Suwayd who was from the powerful tribe of al-Aws. Umayr was well looked after by Julas […]

What are some modern tragedies?

But the decadence has clearly brought father and son not really happiness, but a lot of encounter with death. I stumbled upon this blatant story because I found the photo above on the net. Underneath it only said: The son of an Indian multi-billionaire. So I did a little research. I found his father. He […]