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The Story of Ibrahim

¬†BY:¬†SHAWANA AZIZ¬†¬†¬†SOURCE:¬†SUNNAH NEWSLETTER JUN 17, 20211 COMMENT Muslims look into Maqam Ibrahim (The Station of Ibrahim). Inside the Maqam Ibrahim is a stone block where Ibrahim stood to build the Kabah (Photo; iStock by Getty Images/Mecca, Saudi Arabia – March 10, 2015). The story of Ibrahim¬†¬†is greatly associated with Hajj because the origin of Hajj […]
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Umar Ibn al-Khattab: A World Leader

¬†BY:¬†NADIA M. KHAN¬†¬†¬†SOURCE:¬†ISLAMICITY¬† Throughout all of Islamic history, there are two figures who are hailed as the first and second most important persons in Islam. One is, of course, Muhammad (peace be upon him), the last messenger and recipient of the Quran; the other is virtually unknown to the western world despite his vast and […]