December 8, 2023
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What is Hifz?

 October 3, 2023 Hifz (also spelled Hifdh) is one of those words that we hear all the time in our Muslim communities and for which most of us probably know the general meaning, but do we really understand what it entails? Let’s have a closer look and go over some Hifz tips insha’Allah!

Surah Al-Asr Explained To Kids

 November 8, 2023 Surah Al-Asr Explained To Kids Surah Al-Asr is one of the second shortest surah of the Quran – the shortest being Surah Al-Kawthar. Because Surah Al-Asr is so short, it is one of the first suwar (plural of surah) that Muslims learn when they start reading or memorizing the Quran. In Surah Al-Asr, Allah SWT […]