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Signs of a New World Amid Darkness  BY: MANSOOR ALAM   SOURCE: ISLAMICITY SEP 2, 2021NO COMMENTSCourtesy: iStock Photo by Getty ImagesMENU Contents [hide] 1 Human Domination of Nature 2 Humans will expand throughout the earth 3 Two ways of finding the straight path (الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ) 4 Divine revelation,
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The Quran and the Power of دعاء (Dua’a)

 BY: MANSOOR ALAM    SOURCE: ISLAMICITY  AUG 10, 2021 Prayer-dua. Photo Courtesy: iStock by Getty Images 1 Allah is very close to Human beings  2 Allah replies to an aching heart and eradicates misfortune 3 بَلْ إِيَّاهُ تَدْعُونَ فَيَكْشِفُ مَا تَدْعُونَ إِلَيْهِ 4 Calling unto Allah for help 5 Do not call on anyone besides Allah 6 Humans pray to God when misfortune hits

5 Verses from the Holy Quran on Forgiveness

themuslimvibe.com 27th June 2021 “It is by Allah’s mercy that you are gentle to them; and had you been harsh and hardhearted, surely they would have scattered from around you. So excuse them, and plead for forgiveness for them, and consult them in the affairs, and once you are resolved, put your trust in Allah. […]

The First Revealed Verses of the Holy Quran

Iqra Online 25th May 2021 The Prophetic life of the Prophet (s) lasted approximately 23 years. 13 years in Makkah and 10 in Medina. According to the popular opinion within the Islamic tradition, the first five verses of the 96th chapter (Surah Alaq) of the Qur’an, were the first verses to be revealed upon the […]