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Why separatists in Cameroon and Nigeria have united

BBC Afrique October 21, 2021 Cameroon’s five-year conflict could be taking a significant new turn with reports that its English-speaking separatist groups are getting help from an armed group in neighbouring Nigeria. After two attacks by Anglophone militants which cost the lives of 15 Cameroonian soldiers last month, the army issued a statement declaring that […]
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American writer Joanna Francis says: Muslim women resemble pearls and Americans are like prostitutes

 The American writer and journalist Joanna Francis expressed admiration for Muslim women, reminding them of their strength, beauty, decency and happiness.  The author noted in an article entitled:  “If you are curious about having sex before marriage,”  Muslim women lead a normal life, as women have always lived since the beginning of life.  Joanna

EndSARS protests, riots and thereafter

By GAMBO DORI gambodori@dailytrust.com dailytrust.com Last year about now, we were enmeshed in the EndSARS protests in our major cities chocked by rampaging mobs attacking uniformed personnel and destroying government properties as well as looting defenceless markets and malls. On the part of the protesters, one would have expected their leaders to come out as […]

Of cornflakes, jihads and conspiracies

By Abubakar Adam Ibrahim dailytrust.com Many readers, I see, have faulted Hundeyin’s conclusions and quite rightly so but there is no denying that those who would believe everything he said without question will be in the majority It has been an interesting week in Nigeria. First, David Hundeyin’s report, ‘Cornflakes for Breakfast: The Boko Haram […]

$6 Billion for War Should Now Assist Afghan People

 BY: KENNY STANCIL   SOURCE: COMMON DREAM SAUG 28, 2021 Afghans seeking shelter on August 14, 2021 (photo: Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images). “Every last dollar of the $6 billion must be used to help save Afghan lives, not to boost Pentagon contractor profits,” said Win Without War. As U.S. lawmakers fight over how to reappropriate the