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American writer Joanna Francis says: Muslim women resemble pearls and Americans are like prostitutes

 The American writer and journalist Joanna Francis expressed admiration for Muslim women, reminding them of their strength, beauty, decency and happiness.  The author noted in an article entitled:  “If you are curious about having sex before marriage,”  Muslim women lead a normal life, as women have always lived since the beginning of life.  Joanna
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Raising Children with Deen and Dunya

hadithoftheday.com I still vividly remember the first night I spent by myself in the hospital after delivering my eldest son Shaan. The guests were gone for the day, the hallway lights were dimmed, the nurses were speaking outside my room in muted tones. “Knock, knock!” came a cheerful voice from the doorway. “Someone’s hungry and […]
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Parent’s House, a Poem by Khalil Gibran

 SOURCE: ISLAMICITY  SEPT 25, 2021 PARENT’S HOUSE It’s the only house where you can go to dozens of times without an invitation. The only house where you can put the key in the door and enter directly. The house that has loving eyes that stare at the door until they see you. The house which reminds you of your carefree […]
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Lost History of Women Scholars in Islam

    SOURCE: AL-MUHADDITHAT It surprises people to learn that women living under an Islamic order could be scholars, that is, hold the authority that attaches to being knowledgeable about what Islam commands, and therefore sought after and deferred to. The typical Western view is that no social order has (or aspires to have) more ‘religion’ in it […]