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The Srebrenica Genocide: Lest We Forget

 By SPAHIC OMER    SOURCE: ISLAMICITY  JUL 6, 2021 Srebrenica Genocide Memorial In Potocari, Bosnia The Srebrenica genocide (genocid u Srebrenici), or massacre (masakr), was a massacre of more than 8,000 Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims), especially men and boys, in the city of Srebrenica in the easternmost part of Bosnia and Herzegovina near the border with Serbia. The tragedy

A Uighurs’ History of China

 BY: MICHAEL DILLON    SOURCE: HISTORY TODAY JUN 27, 2021 View of the Uyghur village of Tuyog, with a mosque and mountains in the background, Xinjiang region, China (photo: iStock by Getty Images). Towards the end of 2018 reports began to emerge that China was building a widespread network of compounds in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. It […]
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New CocaCola Personalized Bottles Ban ‘Palestine’ Word

theislamicinformation Coca-Cola faces criticism after Twitter users found out that Coca-Cola Co’s website didn’t allow words like ‘Palestine’ and ‘Black Lives Matter on its personalized bottles of coke. The tool allegedly bans these words for being ‘potentially dangerous’ and ‘offensive.’ On the other hand, words like ‘Nazis rule’ and ‘Qanon’ are pending approval. The