September 26, 2023
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Saudi Arabia Makes Wearing Masks Mandatory for Umrah Pilgrims After New COVID-19 Cases Rise

AUGUST 15, 2023 As new cases of the Covid-19 variant appear around the world, Saudi officials are recommending that people wear masks. Photo by Fusion Medical Animation/Unsplash JEDDAH – The Public Security Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has advised Umrah pilgrims to continue wearing masks while visiting the holy sites. The agency issued the safety […]

Fascism of Quran and Book Burning

 By Aslam Abdullah   – islamicity   Aug 2, 2023 Religious texts are vital repositories of civilization, history, arts, literature, and societal stories. While modern technology has made it possible to preserve and immortalize books, the act of burning religious texts signifies deep-rooted hatred and bigotry towards the communities associated with those texts.

Denmark and Sweden To Ban Quran Burnings

– theislamicinformation JULY 31, 2023 Denmark and Sweden are considering making laws to ban the burning of the Quran. This is because many Muslims around the world have strongly and widely objected to it. Yesterday, Denmark said they are thinking about doing something to deal with “cultural and religious-based attacks. ”  They also said that burning […]