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Life in a madrasa as Afghanistan enters new era

OCTOBER 01, 2021 In a school in a remote corner of the Afghan capital, a cacophony of children’s voices recite Islam’s holiest book.   Sunshine streams through the windows of the Khatamul Anbiya madrasa, where a dozen young boys sit in a circle under the tutelage of their teacher, Ismatullah Mudaqiq. The students are awake by 4:30 […]
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American writer Joanna Francis says: Muslim women resemble pearls and Americans are like prostitutes

 The American writer and journalist Joanna Francis expressed admiration for Muslim women, reminding them of their strength, beauty, decency and happiness.  The author noted in an article entitled:  “If you are curious about having sex before marriage,”  Muslim women lead a normal life, as women have always lived since the beginning of life.  Joanna
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Catholic priest reverts to Islam

September 25, 2021  A Catholic priest from the US, who was influenced by 13th-century Islamic scholar, poet, and Sufi mystic Mevlana Jalaluddin al-Rumi, has reverted to Islam and changed his name to Ismail. Born in 1955 in the US state of North Carolina and raised in Los Angeles, Craig Victor Fenter went to a Catholic […]

The Real Cost of US War in Afghanistan

3rd September 2021 With uncertainty over how the Taliban intend to rule the country and deal with the growing list of challenges ahead, the precarious situation facing the Afghans might not be over anytime soon.  As the United States finally withdraws its troops from Afghanistan, and the Taliban tighten their hold over the country, the […]