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How The Quran Generates Cosmic Consciousness

┬áBY:┬áMANSOOR ALAM┬á┬á┬áSOURCE:┬áISLAMICITY┬áJAN 22, 2021 Sunrise over earth as seen from space (photo: iStock by Getty Images).MENU Contents 1 Our intellect has been frozen for a thousand years 2 The source of knowledge is Allah 3 Hubris vs. forbearance and fortitude  4 How to deal with ridicule and malevolence 5 Everyone believes in God ÔÇô even
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Who Is My First Teacher?

┬áBY:┬áMUHAMMAD MUMTAZ ALI┬á┬á┬á SOURCE:┬áISLAMICITY┬áJAN 2021 Who is my first teacher? Have I ever thought about this question? Yes, some times. I know that my mother, or my father, or my brother or my sister, or my primary school teacher, who taught me how to write and read, was my first teacher. But is this answer […]