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Salat: the Mi’raj of the believer

By: Nuruddin Zangi Source: Beneficial Ilm The greatest gift that Allah bestowed on the Muslim Ummah during the Mi’raj, or Ascent of the Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) is the 5 daily prayers. It is as if Allah Most High, out of His great generosity, wanted the rest of the Ummah to have their own mi’raj and […]
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1443AH: Yet, Another Privilege

By M.U. NDAGI dailytrust.com Sat Aug 07 2021 As if it were few weeks gone by, the beginning of Islamic lunar year is again here. It is the 1443rd year after hijrah (AH) of the Prophet (SAW) from the city of Makkah, his birthplace to the second holiest city of Islam, Madinah. Saturday August 7, […]