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Court frees El-Zakzaky, wife Zeenat

agency report 28 July 2021 A Kaduna High Court on Wednesday discharged and acquitted leader of the proscribed Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and wife, Zeenat. Justice Gideon Kurada delivered the verdict in an eight-hour ruling on the no-case submission application filed by the defendants. Counsel to the defendants, Marshal Abubakar who represented the […]

Hajj: The Sacrifice of Ismail – IslamiCity

BY: ALI SHARIATI    SOURCE: ISLAMICITY  JUL 16, 2021 After you have shot the last idol, offer the sacrifice immediately since these three idols are the statues of trinity and the symbols of three, satanic stages. Always be conscious of your intention and do not forget its meaning! Know what you are doing and why? The rituals should […]

How to Implement The First 10 Days of Hajj

 By: ASLAM ABDULLAH    SOURCE: ISLAMICITY  JUL 12, 2021 Why are the first 10days of Dhul Hijjah more sacred than any other days? Dhul Hijjah, the last month of Islamic lunar calendar has begun. On the tenth of this month, Muslims all over the world would commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s call to universal brotherhood and sisterhood and relive the […]
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A Short Biography of Imam Bukhari

By Syed Emran Hossain themuslimvibe.com 29th June 2021 A man asked Imam Bukhari, “When I recite the Quran, is my recitation created or not?” Imam Bukhari replied, “When you recite the Quran, your voice is created.” Any person having slightest knowledge about the Sunnah of Prophet (ﷺ) has definitely come across the name of Imam Al […]