CAN endorsed Peter Obi because of Christianity

From the election results so far

  1. 98% of Northern Christians voted for Labour Party ( Peter Obi)
  2. 100% of Igbos voted for Labour Party (Peter Obi)
  3. 99.9% of all Nigerian Christians voted in favour of their own Peter Obi
  4. Muslims divided their votes along party lines. Some voted for PDP, some APC, some NNPP and some other political parties.

MY take:

Prior to the elections, CAN endorsed Peter Obi because of Christianity. Their plan was to vote massively in his favour so that they could easily win as the Muslims would divide their votes. They thought Christians population is enough to make them win the presidential election.

As the results are trickling in, their plot to Christianize Nigeria has totally failed. The two leading presidential candidates are all Muslims while their anointed religiously bigoted candidate is trailing in the distant 3rd position despite their block votes for him.

I voted in Southern Kaduna, Zango Urban to be precise. We all know that Southern Kaduna used to be PDP traditional region since 1999. This time around, the PDP traditionalists and loyalists voted along religious line. They boycotted the PDP for LP at the presidential race. While our people in Zango Urban were busy casting their votes for both APC, PDP and even the labour party, our Christian counterparts voted for the Labour party at the presidential poll in compliance with their pastors instruction.

The results have proven them wrong. Whatever happens, one of the Muslims will be our next president whether they like it or not.

~ Never put all your eggs in one basket.
~ give birth to many children before you start claiming popularity.

Nura Bako Zango

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