CAN didn’t stop Christians working with JAIZ

…. “The mother CAN was their and also against it” said one of the spoke person. Rejecting Plateau state Government proposals as regards to rebuilding of Jos market.

But where is the mother CAN when Christian Northerners were killed by OPC and IPOB in the South and in the East because they were simply Northerners, did the mother CAN separate them as Christians North from the Muslims North.

Dangote invest over 10 billion American dollars and employed over 5000 Southerners in the South leaving his home state of the North but the mother CAN is happy because her Sons and Daughters were employed in the South but only in the North Christians should not allowed Plateau Government to rebuild it’s Market.

The Christian Yorubas and the Muslim Yorubas always view their economic growth and development together but only in the North the mother CAN view economic growth and development on the basis of religion.

JAIZ Bank that want to finance the rebuilding of the Jos market was a licence bank approved by the Federal Government and employed both Christians and Muslims and patronized by both Christians and Muslims but why the mother CAN didn’t stop Christians working with JAIZ and stop the Christian population from patronizing JAIZ.

Where is the mother CAN when the Eastern states where into MOU with SUKUK a financial institution mostly owned by Arabs to rebuilt the Eastern roads network contract reading in billions of Naira.

If JAIZ is a Muslims bank as portray by some people, let the Christian bank came, not a single Muslim will opposed or reject its. Atleast all the Banks in Nigeria are Christians Banks but Muslims never see them that way. One cannot even differentiate JAIZ mode of operandi with other banks.

Politicizing every little thing into religion and shouting that the APC didn’t pick the Northern Christian as VP while the same Northern Christians reject Osinbajo because of selfish interest and yet the mother CAN didn’t sermon and demand explanation on why the APC Christians reject Osinbajo.

Mother CAN never see it appropriate to preach peace in the North especially in Plateau and Kaduna state part of Federal highways where travellers were waylaid when passing through the states. It’s never occurred to them that taking advantage of one comport zone is uncivilized and myopic behavior.

The mother CAN should understand that churches in the North offered their prayers in Hausa, with a special session dedicated as “Hausa Service” despites the number of tribes yet the central dialect that brings the North Christians together is Hausa.

Christians symbol such as cross in our Hospitals, Weekend holidays, Gregorian calendar, Used of English not Arabic as official Language all were not view as Christianazation Agenda by the Muslims.

Only to rebuilt a market whose occupants were majority Northern Christians and other Christians from the East and the South was view as Islamization by Agents of Lucifer.

A. A. Abubakar.

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