September 26, 2023

Is CIA Secretly Monitoring Hajj Via AI?

JUNE 28, 2023 – The CIA got into a heated debate after using images of Hajj pilgrims to demonstrate the potential of surveillance and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Critics say the act perpetuates Islamophobia and raises concerns about the invasion of privacy associated with facial recognition software and thus the impact of these technologies must […]

The Story of Ibrahim

By Shawana Aziz    – Sunnah Newsletter  June 27, 2023  Muslims look into Maqam Ibrahim (The Station of Ibrahim). Inside the Maqam Ibrahim is a stone block where Ibrahim stood to build the Kabah (Photo: iStock by Getty Images). The story of Ibrahim  is greatly associated with Hajj because the origin of Hajj is as old as the […]

More than 100 U.S. political leaders have ancestors who were slaveholders June 27, 2023  – Reuters At least 100 members of the last sitting Congress are direct descendants of ancestors who enslaved Black people, representing at least 8% of Democrats in Congress and 28% of Republicans. The group includes Republican senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, […]