December 8, 2023
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Denmark and Sweden To Ban Quran Burnings

– theislamicinformation JULY 31, 2023 Denmark and Sweden are considering making laws to ban the burning of the Quran. This is because many Muslims around the world have strongly and widely objected to it. Yesterday, Denmark said they are thinking about doing something to deal with “cultural and religious-based attacks. ”  They also said that burning […]

Marrying Widows In Islam – Kinds Of Widow You Can Marry In Islam JULY 30, 2023 – theislamicinformation Marrying a widow in Islam is considered Sunnah, but with it, there are some Hadiths that state everything very clearly and answer many questions. Table of Contents With it, there are a few questions that are frequently […]

19 months after his murder, late Katsina State Commissioner’s wife, friend arrested as prime suspects

– July 30, 2023 The police have made some shocking arrest in the investigation of the murder of Katsina state’s commissioner for science, technology and innovation, Alhaji Rabe Nasir 19 months after. The deceased’s wife, Binta Rabe Nasir and his childhood friend, Yushau Abubakar Mani were arrested, arraigned before a Magistrate Court and remanded in […]