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Signs of a New World Amid Darkness  BY: MANSOOR ALAM   SOURCE: ISLAMICITY SEP 2, 2021NO COMMENTSCourtesy: iStock Photo by Getty ImagesMENU Contents [hide] 1 Human Domination of Nature 2 Humans will expand throughout the earth 3 Two ways of finding the straight path (الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ) 4 Divine revelation,
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Lost History of Women Scholars in Islam

    SOURCE: AL-MUHADDITHAT It surprises people to learn that women living under an Islamic order could be scholars, that is, hold the authority that attaches to being knowledgeable about what Islam commands, and therefore sought after and deferred to. The typical Western view is that no social order has (or aspires to have) more ‘religion’ in it […]

The Real Cost of US War in Afghanistan

3rd September 2021 With uncertainty over how the Taliban intend to rule the country and deal with the growing list of challenges ahead, the precarious situation facing the Afghans might not be over anytime soon.  As the United States finally withdraws its troops from Afghanistan, and the Taliban tighten their hold over the country, the […]