Astonishing Story About The Keys Of Kaaba Will Brighten Your Day!

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Keys of Kaaba might seem normal, but the story behind it is really moving and will keep your Imaan enlightened after you hear this story.

The keys of Kaaba have been kept with the Shaibi family for over a century now. The major question will be how come Saudi Government doesn’t have the keys. So, the answer to these questions is that Allah had already chosen the key-bearer of the Holy Kaaba many years ago.

In the 8th year of Hijrah, when Islam won over Makkah, and then our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wanted to enter the Kaaba, but the door was locked. The public saw it and suggested to the Prophet (PBUH) that the keys were with Uthman Ibn Talha, who was hiding on the top of the Kaaba.

Prophet (PBUH) then commanded Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) to grab the keys from Uthman Ibn Talha and open the Kaaba gate.

When Ali (RA) demanded keys from Uthman Ibn Talha, he refused to hand them over to him. However, Ali (RA) snatched the keys for him after he denied handing them over. Then Ali (RA) opened the gate of the Holy Kaaba. Prophet (PBUH) entered and was offering the salah. At that time, Jibrael (AS) came with the revelation of the Holy Quran; the verses were;

Allah commands you to deliver trusts to those worthy of them; and when you judge between people, to judge with justice. Excellent is the admonition Allah gives you. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.’

(Surah Nisa’i 4:58)

As soon as Prophet (PBUH) heard these verses of the Holy Quran, he commanded Ali (RA) to give the keys back to Uthman Ibn Talha and apologize for the misbehavior. Uthman Ibn Talha was shocked to see when Ali (RA) returned the keys after Prophet (PBUH)’s command. He can not believe the fact that the Prophet (PBUH), who has conquered the Makkah, is returning keys to him. Later, Ali (RA) explained that Allah (SWT) wanted Uthman Ibn Talha to have the keys of Kaaba.

At the time, Uthman Ibn Talha recited;

Uthman Ibn Talha accepted Islam as soon as he accepted Islam. Jibril (AS) came once again with a message from Allah that the keys of Kaaba will remain with the family of Uthman Ibn Talha until the day of judgment.

Later, Uthman Ibn Talha (RA) became one of the greatest companions of Muhammad (PBUH) and a great Muslim.

This story is indeed an astonishing thing to know as a Muslim. Even today, the keys are with the family of Uthman Ibn Talha (RA), and his family is protected by the Saudi Government.

The author, Haniya Hassan is a business graduate from York University and an Islamic Information news correspondent.

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