Arewa24, a weapon of choice…

“Do you know that the Arewa-24 TV channel does not belong to anyone in the North or in Nigeria?

Do you know that the Arewa-24 TV channel was invented by the American CIA?

“Do you know the motive behind the CIA’s decision to invent such a television station in the heart of northern Nigeria?

I have spent the past few days understanding the founders and motivations of the Arewa-24 TV channel. below summarizes my findings which are shocking…

Yes, the Arewa24 TV channel is owned by the United States and was invented by the CIA under the guise of “de-radicalizing Boko Haram”.
however, any rational thinking northern people will easily see the smoke of such a misleading and baseless CIA claim. This led to further digging to uncover the real motive of the TV channel’s influence and the deliberate choice of location (Kano).

Arewa24 as the weapon of choice for the CIA
Recall that Nigeria is the most populous black nation on the planet, Muslims in northern Nigeria are perceived as among the most conservative and practising Muslims in the world.
I will share a perspective to help understand this. Some Muslim countries sentence Muslim men to prison if they marry a second wife. yes, I mean Muslim countries (like Tunisia), while a good number of Muslim countries only hear about polygamy in practice.

Northern Nigeria is among the very few places in the world where public drinking is denounced. you can tell it’s done in places like Jos and some Christian dominated areas. But those locations represent less than 10% of the North as a region, so that doesn’t change the fact.
Also, remember that about 13 years ago, Northern Nigeria played a pivotal role in the fight against the satanic demonic miss-world program which was to take place in Abuja during Ramadan this year.

Northern Nigeria is where you see women dressed in acceptable Islamic attire (although this is changing rapidly), the hijab is seen on almost every street and corner.

you will agree with me that for a responsible Nigerian northerner, northern culture and Islamic values ​​are interdependent in most cases.

the CIA launched the TV channel Arewa24 to eliminate Islamic values ​​from our core cultural values, thus leaving Muslims in the North at the mercy of all kinds of immorality, so that the region could accommodate Western satanic ideologies and animalistic lifestyle such as: gay marriage, transgender, disobeying parents, drinking alcohol, removing hijab…
Please understand that as a tactical movement, the focus is not necessarily on you/me/us, due to our Islamic foundation, but on our youngest, our children and the generation that will come after them.

that’s why the station promotes musicians, artists, showing that one can become famous by doing indecent things that completely contradict the northern guard, not to mention Islamic values.
the station mainly features people who act in an un-Islamic way, people who lack morality, but position them as successful people so that the younger generation will emulate them, stop seeing anything wrong in such immoral acts , or worse case weakening their hearts and minds away from proactive islam by wasting time on useless things rather than going to islamiyya.
Today, northern women are taught to belittle, shout and have respect for their husbands. Northern women now kill their husbands at will, and guess what, western advocacy groups are stepping in to defend them.
From another angle, Today take all the series of Arewa24 are broadcast in the prayer fees, at least one or 2 or 3 series coincides with 3 prayers
out of 5 daily prayers, unfortunately they reflied very well. this aims to bring young people to leave the 5 daily prayers.
But fortunately and Alhmdoulillah that we unmasked them.

I ask you by Allah to transfer this message to all the people you love in order to save them and their families.

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