Ambazonian President to FG: investigate Taraba killings

 Nov 21, 2021

Alhaji Bala Baba kiddnapped

The Ambazonian President Dr. Samuel Ekome Sako has called on the Federal Government to thoroughly investigate the killings of 11 persons including a chief in Taraba State by alleged separatists from Cameroon.

He insisted that the act was carried out by the Cameroonian government and not his people.

He made this plea in a short broadcast at the weekend.

Accordinh to him, in September they shared intelligence report of attack on the Nigerians by the Cameroonian military disguising as civilians to get the Nigeria on their side to annihilate his people.

Sako said: “ I just received information from some Nigerian bloggers of attacks on Manga community in Takum local government area of Taraba state, attacks by armed men that killed a local chief and some members of the community are reported missing. I am disheartened. I am in tears.


“I really sympathise with that community and it has been reported that it is Ambazonian separatists that are responsible for this act and Senator Emmanuel Gwacha representing the Taraba south has reported this to the senate calling the Nigerian government to do something as matter of urgency to protect the Taraba community.

“I applaud him for that invitation but I want it to be clear that let us remember that on September 3, we had received intelligence from our insiders in the Yaounde regime that there are plans to disguise their security people as Ambazonians and attack communities, civilians and security forces along the Sounthern borders with Nigeria to turn these communities against our people.

“Maybe to get the Nigerian security forces, military on their side to annihilate our people. We did share these intelligence with us. I gave this interview with the Punch on the 3rd of September. That is almost 2 months ago.

“Unfortunately the authorities did not take this serious probably not believing that a neigbouring country can go to that extent. Let me remind us that this is the modus operandi of Yaounde. They always carry out incursions across the borders into Nigeria in search of separatists.

“That has been the case in Cross River even in Taraba. Remember in 2018, they crossed into Nigeria and arrested our leaders. They have no respect to the territorial sovereignty of Nigeria.

“The Cameroonian government, don’t. They think they can get into Nigeria and do whatever they want. Two weeks ago, it was also reported that in Taraba state, the same security forces crossed the border to the Nigerian side in search of so called separatists.

“I am saying that this one that has just happened this time of Cameroon security and military forces who have put on civilian dresses mimicking Ambazonianas.

“I urge the Nigerian authorities to carry out an investigation to know the real perpetrators that we have told you before that are Cameroon security forces disguised in civilian attires. They did this deliberately. It was planned and we told you just so that they can input the crimes on Ambazonians and tell the Nigerian communities housing over our 125, 000 refugees for four to five years that what do we have to gain?

“Who gains in this act to cross over to kill a chief that is helping to host our people? How can we except the person who wants us all killed, who wants us not to even have the little hospitality that ensure of survival of over 125,000 of our people in Nigeria?”

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