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Allah Will Not Speak To These Three People On The Day Of Judgment

  • Be Careful Not To Become One

Allah Will Not Speak To These Three People On The Day Of Judgment, Be careful Not To Become One.

How would you feel when all that you wished for in this world is to pass through it and make it to the hereafter and then on judgement day, speak to your Lord Allah, get judged for what you did wrong or right and get forgiven for the mistakes you made but then after reaching there Allah doesnt speak to you because you are among one of those three people who Allah says he will not speak to on the day of judgement?

Below are the qualities that if you possessed Allah will not speak to you on the day of Judgement.

1. A person who makes outh or swears to decieve and rob people: For example a shopkeaper making an outh that he purchased this item for $10 but he actually purchased it for $5, but he swears that he bought it for $10 in order to make more money from the buyers by decieving them. In Islam this is dishonesty and also stealing because you dont have to lie to sell something. Its okay to buy something for $5 and sell it for $10 in Islam but you dont have to swear and lie that you actually bought it for $10 in order to sell it because that is dishonesty and robbing.

2. A person who refused to offer water to travellers, this is one of the worst character to be possesed by a human. Greediness has no place in Islam, but especially when it comes to sharing something which Allah gives you like water to strangers who needs it so badly.

3. A “Dayooth”, “Dayooth” simply means someone who dont care or get jelouse when his woman, sister or anyother of his relative that is opposite gender to him, he dont get jelouse when they go out without asking hima and then associate themselves with other women. He never ask them, get jelouse or try to stop them.

If you have any of the above characters, seek forgiveness from Allah and stop the attitude before you die, because the only way Allah can forgive us is when we ourselves ask h im for it.

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