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Late Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi

A Brief biography of the Author: -Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi was born on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan of either 1343 or 1345 after Hijra, which coincided with the year 1922 or 1924 in Gumi town of Zamfara State of Nigeria.

SHEIKH ABUBAKAR GUMI contributed a lot in education generally through preaching and publication of books. Among his books are: Nazamu Kasidatu Lamiya, which he wrote in respect of the commemoration of the death of Abdullahi Bayero, the Emir of Kano and a poetry, which he wrote when he was a student in Sudan which contained about 34 poems. He also wrote his famous books Raddul-Azhan ila Ma’anil Qur’an and the book AL-AQIDATUS-SAHIHAT BI MUWAFAQATUSH SHARI’A which is this translation, and another, which he named Wurdil Azimun Minal Qur’anil Kareem Wal-Ahadisil Sharif.

He also translated the Holy Qur’an, the Forty “Hadisil Nawawi”, the book called ‘Usuluddeen, the Tauheed, the book called Miratul dullab fi Masu’adil Abwab among others, all into Hausa language. Other numerous books he translated which are equally benefitial to the Muslim ummah within the country and beyond include Ahdari, Ashmawi, Iziyya, Risala, Mukhtasar Khalil, Bukhari, Fathul Majeed, etc.

Ash-Sheikh Mahmud Gumi received a number of awards and honours during his life time. These include that of Ash-Sheikh Sa’ad Yaseem Assuri, from whom he learned how to recite the Holy Qur’an in its original tone (Tajweed). He also gave him a certificate of excellence after his graduation. The Former Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto also gave him a honourary medal for being his Personal Assistant in Arabic Language translation whenever he visit any Arab country. He also received the honour CFR from the Federal Government of Nigeria. He was also one of the only three special Advisers to the Islamic University of Madina Saudi Arabia. Also, in view of his efforts in Islamic propagation in the world over, Gamal Abdun-Nasir, the then Chairman of the Arab world honoured him for a job well done. He was also honoured by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia for his hardwork and selfless service to Islam and mankind. These are few out the numerous awards and honours the great scholar received in his lifetime.

File: Sheikh Gumi receiving the King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam

His Passing Away:   

Ash-Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi passed away on Friday 11th September 1992. His funeral was witnessed by leaders from all walks of life and he was buried in Kaduna. Among the dignitaries that attended his burial were General Ibrahim Babangida and many ministers, emirs and chiefs and thousands of sympathisers from within and outside the country. He left behind four wives, 30 children and 60 grand children. He did not leave beihind wealth beside a car and three houses one of which he inherited from his father and among the three is the one given to him by the Emir of Kano during his stay in the city as a school teacher. The remaining one is the one he personally possessed, when he came to Kaduna and is the one he lived in up to his passing away. He also left behind some personal clothes but no money in cash. May Allah reward him with Jannatu Firdausi.

For more information, refer to the book written by Nuruddeen Kano on his biography, titled, Rayuwar Ash-Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi and another which he tittled, “Where I Stand” and the one called ‘Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, Hayatuhu wa Musahamauhu fi Lugatil Arabia’, written by Muhammadu Kabiru Musa.



All thanks and praises are for Allah, the Lord, may the peace and blessings of Allah be Upon our noble Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and his family, friends and all those that followed him up to the end of the world. May Allah pour blessings upon those who are learned and are working towards propagation of Islam. May he also pour blessings upon the four Mazahib, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi’i and Imam Ahmad Ibn. Hambali and those who followed them conscientiously.

This is the right way for he who needs to know and be rightly guided, which is the way of the Shari’a. And it is the reason why I named this book, “The Right Way That Coincides With Sharia.”.I write this for myself and other Muslims to enable us follow and benefit from it. I don’t mean to create misunderstanding among the Muslim Ummah but to go in line with injunctions of Allah in the Holy Qur’an, where He said: “Whoever hid anything out of the facts from what we revealed of Shari’a after we have already revealed to mankind in the Holy Qur’an, those are the disbelievers, unless those among them who revert to belief and continue to do the right, they will be considered because I accept those who believe.” (Bakara, 159-160).

It also came from the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) brought by Abu Huraira, which said: ‘He who is asked for a fact but he hid it, it will be transformed into fire and worn on him on the day of judgement.” (Tirmizi and Abu Dawud confirmed it). In another version from Ibn Majah, he said: ‘No one who knows the recitation of the Qur’an and refused to educate someone of it, without getting himself blanketed with it in the form of hell fire on the day of judgement.” Also, if it is righteousness that one is seeking, it is from Allah alone. Islam depend only on the saying ‘La’ilaha lllallahu, Muhammadur Rasulullahi’, meaning: There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger. Prophet Muhammad was sent for mankind to learn from him and his deeds. Worship is never accepted if done selfishly or the way one feels. It must be as Allah directed his messenger Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to teach mankind verbally and practically. For this therefore, whoever want to follow it rightly, he must do it as taught by the Prophet (S.A.W), And whoever worshipped contrary to the teaching of the Prophet is doing it at his risk because it is not accepted. (Ali Imrana 85). And Islamic activities of any person can never be trully Islamic unless they conform with what the Prophet did or taught during his lifetime, as the saying of Allah. “O’ you who believe, do not ask of some things, if you ask, it will be revealed to you. And if revealed to you, it will frustrate you. If you emphasis on asking at the time the Holy Qur’an is been revealed, and any thing which is not explained to you there in, Allah has soften the judgement as he is entirely merciful and beneficent.”  (Ma’ida  101).

And Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said: My life is better (Alkhair) for you which means his life is better because it is through him Islam was revealed and all the good things it contains, for revelation of rules upon us has ended with his death. “Allah is the only Knower on this and this shows that no additional message or revelation is coming after his death. And if anyone says, there is a new revelation, he has brought an unacceptable innovation in the Religion, since it is revealed that no message will come to the world after him, he is the last Prophet/Messenger of Allah, as Allah intend not to send in any messenger to mankind after Muhammad (S.A.W). As the saying of Allah in the Holy Qur’an. “The Prophet is not a father to any of you, but a messenger of Allah and the end of the prophets. And Allah is the Knower of everything.” (Ahzab 40).

Also, the prophet (S.A.W) said, “myself and the prophets who came before me is like a building which only a block remains to complete. Had it been that the remaining block is fixed, the building would have attained the highest of its completion, why not fix it? “Then the Prophet continued by saying, I am the one with whom the vacant spack is filled, I am the said remaining block and it is with me the space was filled, there will be no other Prophet coming behind me.”  (Bukhari and Muslim).

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said, “I am the cleaner of the darkness and with me Allah cleans away disbelief, and I am the one mankind will be brought before, I am the end of all Prophets, no Prophet will come after me.” (Bukhari and Muslim).

The Prophet (S.A.W) also said, “Among my followers, there will be found thirty (30) liars, every one of them saying he is a prophet.  Don’t believe them. They are all lying, there is no other Prophet coming after me.” (Bukhari and Muslim).

The Prophet (S.A.W) said, according  to Muslim that, “I am placed high over other prophets with six things.”

(i)  I am given talk filter

(ii) I am given the power, wherever I face in war, they are covered with fear.

(iii) I am allowed to collect war loot.

(iv) The whole soil is given to me as clean praying ground and purified.

(v) And I am the only one sent to all of mankind. (Imam Tirmizee graded the sayings as true and with reliable background.)

 (vi) And he, the prophet (S.A.W), said, “I am the last  prophet of all the Prophets, there will be no prophet after me.”


What misled a lot of people is the ignorance of who is the Prophet (S.A.W), who is the messenger of Allah and who is an ally of the Almighty.

The difference between these words and their importance are as follows:

A number of writers have said a lot on who is the Prophet and who is the messenger of Allah. Here are their opinions: – The best of explanation is, he whom Allah sent to him a message from above to do a certain job and also directed to tell others to do, he is a messenger of Allah. And he who was directed to do a job alone, is a prophet. Every messenger of Allah is a Prophet but not every prophet is messenger of Allah. Allah’s messenger’s message is for his entire people, while that of the Prophet who is not told to direct someone to do it, is for him alone.

Prophecy is part of a message but a message has taken away prophecy. For this, prophecy is a very big task but messengership is wider. Prophets are many but the last of them to come, is Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and no prophet will come after him. He is their leader (Imam) in the fear of Allah and he is the Leader of all the messengers of Allah. Whoever said, he is given a message by Allah to deliver after Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) he has gone astray and is selfish. It is wrong to follow him, and whoever follow him is a disbeliever. May Allah create a barrier for us against them.

But Allysm is an example of belief where every believer is an ally. The meaning of Ally is a person who believes extremely openly and secretly and is he who loves Allah the greatest. The origin of Allysm is one, but it may be full or partial. A full Ally may be a person who believes truly to the extreme and fear Allah truly to extreme. This may coincide with Allah’s saying: “Unquestionably (for) the Allies of Allah there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve. Those who believe and feared Allah. For them are good tidings in the worldly life and in the Hereafter. No change is there in the words (i.e decrees) of Allah. That is what is the great attainment.” (Yunus  62,63 and 64).

For this, Allysm is with those who fear Allah, they are those whom Allah promised in those three verses above. Also Allysm is a coincidence with what Allah likes for those who obey his commands. Therefore, it is not only devotional prayers and fasting that guarantee Allysm (what Allah means with the worldly and Hereafter glad tidings is the reward, the Paradise and the worldly reward which is a good dream). Abu Zarri said, “O! Prophet, if a person is doing good things and people are praising him, what is his position in this regard? Prophet (S.AW) said, “this is just an indication that the person is Godly.” (Imam Muslim).

In another pronouncement, the Prophet (S.A.W) said: “Angels will come down to inform the person that he should not be worried, because he will be in Paradise.” In another version, it was said that the angels will come down on the day of a piou Godly person’s death to announce to him of glad tidings that await him in the Hereafter. Because of Allah’s saying, “Indeed, those who have said, “Allah is our Lord and become steadfast in faith, Angels will descend upon them (saying) do not fear and do not grieve but receive glad tidings of Paradise which you are promised. We (Angels) were your allies in the worldly life and (are so) in the Hereafter.

“And you will have therein whatever your soul desire and you will have therein whatever you wish. An accommodation from a [Lord who is] forgiving and merciful.” (Fussilat 30,31 and 32).

In another pronouncement, Allah said: “They will not be grieved by the greatest terror, and the Angels will meet them (saying) this is your day, which you have been promised.”

Allah the Greatest the Most High said, “The Day of Judgement is a day when the believers (male and female) would have light in front of them and also behind them in their left and their right too with announcement coming out to them that today their resident is the paradise’ where streams of all needs are flowing in it endlessly, this is surely a great tiding.” (Hadid 2).

With this it should be understood that the meaning of the verses above is that an Ally is a person who fears Allah, the only difference is the varying stages of the persons’ faith because increase in believe of any person is his increase in the fear of Allah. Allah said. Allah is the Ally of those who believe. He brings them out from the darkness into the light. And those who disbelieve, their allies are “dagutu” (idols) they take them out of the light into the darkness.” (Baqara 257).

Also Allah the Most High said: “The believing men and the believing women are allies of one another.” (Tawbah 71).

The Sheikh added by saying. “And Allah is their Ally and the custodian of their needs. And he will solve all their problems because he loves them and they too agree with him for this, whoever shows hatred to Allah’s ally, that person has come out of fight Allah openly. And this allysm is not a person’s gift but Allah’s mercy to whoever he wishes to. This shows that Allah abscond himself from the humanly said ally, as said in the Glorious Qur’an. “And any praise to Allah who has no taken a son and has had no partner in (his) dominion and has no (need of a) protector out of weakness; and glorify him with (great) reverence.” (Al Isra’i 111).

For this, Allah has no partner or ally as a result of weakness, because greatness is for him alone and unlike human leaders that hold worldly positions to enable them have more power, because they are not fully able need a helping hand to enable them act well, Allah needs no helping hand in his endeavours.


Belief means to trust in mind and confirm by action, that everything that came from the Prophet (S.AW) is true. Belief is one and equal andwhere variation comes is in the extent of the individual’s fear of Allah. Belief increases with the increase in the fear of Allah and selflessness and the increase in service for Allah’s sake. For believers in their category is like a sight, some’s sight is very bright while others is beam. Also belief  in the statement, “there is no deity but Allah” (La’ilaha illallahu) is as bright as the sun to some while to some it is as the light of the moon yet to some like the light of a star and for some it different kinds of lamps. For this, on the day of judgement (resurrection day), the lights of individuals will vary, depending on one’s degree of faith. Whenever one’s light decreases, it does so following his increase in interest on worldly things. And if one’s belief increases, it means his or her interests in worldly things have decreased. The later is the one whose belief is confirmed. He who understands this, will understand the saying of the Prophet (S.A.W) , “La’ilaha illallahu,” and seek for Allah’s refuge with it. (Bukhari and Muslim). Also, whoever says, La’ilaha illallahu, is barred from entering into the hell fire. (Bukhari and Muslim).

For this, works do not increase with their type or quantity, but with the good intention behind them. Also sense accepts, or judges the degree of work towards Allah, and for this, everyone is sensible, though our senses vary from one to another. And also in good deeds and evil deeds vary from one person to another since someone does good deeds more than another. Also, the faith of those who stayed with the Prophet (S.A.W) when he was alive, differs from that of those who got information like King Najjashi, because increase in belief, maximises with the increase in acceptance together with working physically like a teacher who uses his knowledge and one who does not. The latter shows weakness in faith.

This is as the saying of the Prophet (S.A.W) “He who got information can never be like he who saw by himself” in another saying. “News is not like witnessing.” (Imam Ahmad).

To support this, it has been stated that when Prophet Moses (AS) learnt that his people had turned to worshipping an ox, he did not throw away the Toroh wooden slates, until he arrived and saw by himself, before he threw away the boards as a result of confusion.

Equally, when Abraham said, “My Lord show me how you give life to the dead” (Allah) said “Have you not believed? He said, “Yes but only that my heart may be satisfied. (Baqarah 260). Also, he who pilgrimage is a task on him, it becomes compulsory for him to learn how to do it as far as he is able, so that he can perform it correctly when he has the ability. So is alms giving (Zakkah). But we must believe that pilgrimage and alms giving are compulsory (wajib) even though we may not have the wealth to carry them. Also he who comes to accept Islam. You have to recite for him to follow the saying ‘La’ilaha illallahu’ for him to be a Muslim, but you cannot say he must do all the obligations immediately, not until after you taught him. And whenever a religious issue arises, he has to be informed, so that he becomes familiar to the religion’s obligations and activities. Therefore people can never be equal in their beliefs and whoever is brought up in a good manner, his belief will surely increase.

Consequently, one is always expected to keep trying in carrying out religious activities. This will increase his belief as reduction in the activities reduces his belief. For this reason, the Prophet (pbuh) said: “A person who commits adultery will not do it while believing.” (Bukhari and Muslim). What is meant here is that when he was committing the adultery, he was not a faithful believer, until he finishes before the faith returns to him, he will then regret and repent. If he is among the true believers.

Because those who fear Allah, are mentioned by Allah thus: “A group (of you) be guided and a group deserved (to be in) error, indeed. They (i.e. the later) had taken the devils as allies instead of Allah while they thought that they were rightly guided.” (Al-araf  30).

This verse was explained by Imam Laisi who heard from Mujahid, that when he (the sinner) intend to sin and he remembered that what he wants to do is a sin and he withdrew from doing it, even before he started, is better for him. Allah said: “But their brothers, they (i.e. the devils) increase them in error then they do not stop short.”  (A’araf  202).

What this verse is saying is. Devils help people in doing evils. And Ibn Abbas said: “A human being is always not late in performing sin and devils do not leave them, if they could not understand. They blindly enter into the sin and fail and the devil gives his best support towards carrying out the sin, though, he, (the man) knows that what he was about to do, is a sin, so is the degree of belief, just like a man shutting his eyes and fully knowing that he is not blind. That is how one’s mind enter into issues and force the soul to execute them e.g. disbelief.

These are taken from the Prophet’s saying: “If a servant wants to commit adultery, his faith is taken away, but when he repents, his faith is brought back to him.

Sheikh said, this is the saying of the wise that: “A Muslim is not regarded as a disbeliever just because he becomes a sinner at a time, like adultery, taking intoxicants or engaging in other social vices, unless he confirmed that it is lawful (halal), as saying that is disbelieving, but will not be regarded as polytheist (mushrik) because Allah does not forgive polytheists but can forgive others, if He so wishes.


Dignity is step by step:

Firstly, if one recites the word ‘La’illaha illlahu’, he becomes a Muslim. And he qualifies to interact with his Muslim brothers on Islamic issues and activities. And whoever believes in the message brought by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) openly is a true believer or an Ally, because we human beings we judge with what is not hidden.

But the true believers (Mu’min) grades are not equal, because one passes the other depending on his or her depth in the belief and activeness in exhibiting the fear of  Allah. Therefore a believer who supersedes other in the trust and fear of Allah and also in controlling himself against worldly attractions and running away from wrong doings and also deeply confined himself in the service of Allah, he is referred to or termed an Ally among the true believers, as Allah says: “(for) Allies of Allah, there will be no fear concerning them nor will they grieve, those who believed and fear Allah.” (Yunus  62 and 63).


It is among the bad innovations that are not accusable judgement using personal interest and worshipping or serving Allah contrary to the ways contained in the Glorious Qur’an and the traditions of His Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and also deviating from the explanation of the rightfully learned (Ahlus Sunnah).

That is why some scholars said, “Whoever worships Allah with the guide of his selfish interest, he is a selfish servant (Zindiq). So also he who worship or serve Allah as a result of fear of Him alone without believing in Him, he is among the ignorant and the Murji of darika denomination. But he who worships or serves Allah for his fear of Allah and expectation of Allah’s mercy, this servant is the right and full believer and fearer of Allah.

It is also among the innovations and inexcusable, love of Allah alone without serving or worshipping Him as loving Allah without belief will not result in him getting Allah’s mercy on the day of Recompense. Because Pharaoh and his subordinates knew the authenticity ot the messages of Prophets Moses and Aaron but they did not believe in them and for that, Prophet Moses said to Pharaoh “You have already known that none has sent down these (signs) except the lord of the heavens and the earth as evidence, and indeed, I think, O! Pharaoh, that you are destroyed.” (Isra 102). To prove this, Allah added by saying “And they rejected them while their (inner) selves were convinced thereof, out of justice and righteousness. So see how was the end of the corrupters”.

Equally, the people of the Book, knew that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was right as they knew their children, but they embarked on an open war against him.

So also was Satan, he was not ignorant of the Lord’s position and power, he even begged Allah “He said my Lord, reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected (Hijri verse 36). And Satan continued to beg Allah. He said, “my Lord because you have put me in error, I will surely make (disobedience) attractive to them [i.e. mankind] on earth, and I will mislead them all.” (Hijri verse 39). And also Satan continued to pray by saying. “(Iblees) said, by your might I will surely mistake them all . Except among them your chosen servants”.

The path of Jahanniyya (darika) is that they love Allah but they do not worship or serve Him truly, they refer disbelieve to just lack of knowledge or primitive ignorance. They say if one knows Allah only not serving Him is not an offence ( this is the belief of some Africans, i.e. the teaching of sufism who say they see Allah).

Also among the detestable innovations is where at the end of some congregatory retuals, when supplicating (du’a) after reciting Salatul Nabiy (S.A.W), they end it with “Salatil Fatihi”, believing that closing du’a with it will make the du’a supplication be accepted, and doing so means believing what is contained in their book, JAWAHIRUL MA’ANI WA BULUGUL AMANI, first edition, second chapter, page 140, where they said Shehu Tijjani was asked: Is the information Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) gave after his death the same with the one he gave before his death? Shehu Tijjani answered. “The final message that comes to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) the seat has been folded and has finished (i.e. is no more coming). But, messages that come to some special people, are still on coming, not cut off, that is why “Salatil fatihi lima’uguliqa” is more than any service, and in which ever manner or kind the service was offered, this is no doubt. It is also more spiritual than anything except a person who is in the process zikri (da’ira) because it is what was left behind.

Shehu Tijjani continued by saying “ however when you say this to people with shallow brain, they may deny it. And he also said, “Whoever denies the saying that the messages the prophets gave ceased after his death, he is ignorant of the status of the Lord and has lost obedience to the Prophet (S.A.W) and if he does not repent, he will die as a disbeliever.

Sheikh (the author) explained further that this kind of statement, though referred to the prophet of Allah has passed the stage of Shari’a, spiritually and whatever is out of shari’a would not be an acceptable injunction to work with, Islamically. The Glorious Qur’an and the Prophetic traditions (Hadith) explained that the prophet obeyed instructions when delivering messages from the lord, he never initiated or authored the messages himself. It is the Lord who gave them. Like Allah’s saying: “O! messenger, announce that which has been revealed to you from your Lord, and if you do not, then you have not conveyed His message. And Allah will protect you from the people. Indeed Allah does not guide the disbelieving people. (Ma’idah verse 67).

Also. Allah said, “No message or judgement was revealed except during the lifetime of the prophet (S.A.W) as the saying of Allah, thus “O you who believe do not ask on some issues, that if explained to you will provoke you. And if say you will ask of them during the time Qur’an is been revealed, it will be explained to you during the revelation”.

This verse indicates that laws are only revealed during the lifetime of the prophet. The Glorious Qur’an is completed and therefore, Islam as religion is completed. No more messages coming from the lord. All message cease following this injunction.

This statement has become a shadow in the heart of the hypocrites and unbelievers in that it continued to send doubts into them and sends them astray.

Allah said: “When we send a Prophet, there is always a protection before him and behind him to ensure that he has delivered his lord’s message.” Also Allah’s knowledge always surrounds them and He has a record of everything intact as Allah states in Suratul Jinni. Equally saying that a Prophet has delivered a statement by mistake is something unbelievable because Allah has protected him with the saying, “I swear by the star when it sets, your brother is not astray nor has he gone beyond his limit. He also does not speak on his own wish, whenever he takes, he must have been inspired by someone who is very strong and perfect and who is in the farthest heaven and who always comes before he reveals to him the message of his lord and the prophet’s heart never believes any message delivered to it physically nor did it doubt what he sees for he has seen it at the first descend near the “Sidratul Muntaha” where the one who covers it. The sights have not deviated nor have they transgressed. Indeed he has seen from among the greatest signs of his lord. And tell me about Lat and Uzzah and Manat the third, are they of any importance?

Sheikh Gumi continued by saying that the basis of this verse is to explain the fact that some Prophets that came before Muhammad (PBUH) were like other people and used to make mistakes and get confused. They used to think that these mistakes were correct and made attempts to concretize them but Allah always changed these mistakes to the correct notions and make them deliver the correct messages to their people. Those among their followers that had doubt and hypocrisy in their minds would then disbelieve in the true message while it will add to the faith of those who believe in the truth e.g. what happened between Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the leaders of Makkah. When Muhammad (PBUH) was having audience with them, Abdullahi bn Ummu Makhtum who was blind and didn’t know what was going on came in and said “O! Prophet of Allah, teach me what your lord has taught you”. The Prophet stood up and went in angrily because of his craving for the guidance of these important dignitaries which has now been brought to a halt. Allah then drew the attention of the Prophet (BUH) telling him that what he did was wrong. He said “He blocked his sight and turned away, when a blind man came to him”. (Anasail) . From then on whenever the Prophet (PBUH) saw Abdullahi bn Ummu Mukhtum, he used to respect him a lot, smiled at him and say “welcome O! you whom Allah blamed me for. He will then spread his outer garment for him to sit on.

An incidence similar to this  also happened to Prophet Yunus (Peace be Upon him) where after preaching to his people without attracting any good number of converts he became angry and fled from them to a place where he boarded a ship. Unfortunately the ship started galloping and was about capsizing when the crew members said that when one person was dropped, the ship will be normal. A vote was made and it fell on Prophet Yunus who was immediately thrown into the water where he was swallowed by a shark from where he started supplicating and praying. “There is no deity worthy of worship besides you, indeed, I have been among the transgressors. Allah said, “We then answered his prayer and saved him from his misfortune, indeed this is how we save the believers.” (Anbiyah:88).

The mistake made by Yunus is that of running away from his people for their disbelief and Allah made him to go back to them and was able to convert over 100,000:00 (one hundred thousand) people. Something similar to this also happened to Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him) when his son Khan’an was drowned in the flood. Nuh then asked “O! my lord, indeed my son is part of my family and your promise is always true because you are the greatest of judges. Then Allah said to him “O! Nuh! He is not among your family, don’t you see his evil deed. Do not ask me on what you have no knowledge of. (Hud:45-48).

Something similar to this also happened to Prophet Yusuf (Peace be Upon Him) When he informed one of the people he met in prison to mention about him to his master but the devil made him to forget to do so as a result of which Yusuf stayed in the prison for nearly ten years. Indeed it is the types of mistakes that deserve to be ascribed to the commentaries of this verse “We do not send any messenger or prophet except if he intended delivering any message of Allah, then the devil will instill into him confusion but before he manifests that confusion, Allah will then make good the message he intended delivering and the prophet will then deliver it perfectly because Allah is all knowing and is good in erasing what is to be erased. Consequently, this wish of the prophets which never materialised is not in any way fit to be made a subject or programme of study and when we explain it as a wish then we are free from blame and we have conform to the real meaning of the verse because the prophet says “Goodness is good conduct while a sin is anything that one feels troubled over in the heart and makes one in doubt.” May Allah lead us to the truth through His mercy.

The story of Prophet Daud also provides us with a similar incidence of misinterpretation as made by some commentators of the following verse, “Have you heard the story of the disputing ones? When they appeared from over the wall and went to Prophet Daud, thus, frightening him and they said to him do not get frightened over us but adjudicate over us with the truth and guide us to the straight path. This one is my friend and has 99 sheep while I have only one and he has been mounting pressure on me to give it to him because he claims that it is his.” Then Prophet Daud said: “he has indeed been unfair to you for demanding your only sheep and that is the way some associates behave. Some of them always deceive their partners except those who have faith, who are very few.” Then the prophet remembered that he had not been fair in his judgement and he asked for Allah’s forgiveness and in the process bowed down in prostration to Allah”. (Sad: 21-25).


When asked: Is what the prophet (SAW) revealed during his life time the same with what was said to be revealed after his passing away?

Shehu Tijjani answered; Yes they are the same but the message for the generality of  mankind is cut off  with his passing away. But the messages meant for some special people will never end for this he said “salatil fati lima ugulika” is better that all the religious services (reward wise).

Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi again responded to this: “since salatil fati is an issue for special people why should it be for everybody nowadays and people are taught of its fruitfulness? if one uses his senses, the issue will appear to be an innovation brought into the religion and the prophet (SAW) said, ”whoever created something which is out of Islam and adds to it, the added issue is an innovation and all innovations are losts,” and the prophet did not exclude messages sent to some special individuals or differentiate between the messages during his life time and those after his life time. Therefore, whatever messages that came after the passing away of the prophet (SAW) such messages are indeed innovations.

The prophet’s companions whom he gave directives that their path should be strictly followed, they include, as approved by past scholars and leaders:- Abubakar, Umar Usman and Aliyu (may Allah accept their good deeds, ameen) and who ever deviates from the path or agreement of the generality of the believers that man is ruined, because Allah (SWT) said, “And whoever opposes the messenger after guidance has become clear to him and follows others than the way of the believers. we will give him what he has taken and drive him into hell and evil it is as a destination (Nisa’i verse 115).

It is only lawful to pronounce the name of Allah  (Allahu Akbar) in three instances as contained in “Mukhtasar Khalil” in the chapter of Jihad:

1:      At the war front, it is lawful for a warrior to shout “Allahu akhbar” at the time he picked his weapon. And it is one of the warriors’ song. They are expected to be chanting it in battle.

2:      Secondly, when people are going out for Idi prayers (Idel Fitri and eedel Adha).

3:      The third place is during Pilgimmage.


According to Abu Hurairah, the Prophet is reported to have said that Allah sends His angels to places where good acts like the Qur’anic recitations take place and they  report back to him after saying: We are back from your servants on earth, they are glorifying you, they are serving you. Then the Almighty asked, them, “what are they praying for”? They answered, “They pray for paradise: then he asked, did they see it? They answered; “no they did not see it”. He added, and how if they see it”. They (the angels) “had it been that they saw it, they will ask for nothing besides it. The angels added “they also ask for your defense:. He asked, against what? They answered “against your hell fire”. He asked did they see the hell fire? They answered, had it been that they saw it, they will ask for nothing from you other than your forgiveness”. Then he said I have forgiven them and have given them the defense they asked for. They then asked that there was someone who was sitting with them, is he also included in the forgiveness and the defense? He answered, “Yes he is included because whoever is together with good ones, will not be misled.” (Muslim).

Sheikh Abubakar Gumi said if you are asked if something has a basis in Shari’a but no one is found working with it among the olden days pious Muslims, is it referred to as the prophets tradition or an innovation?.

Ahmad Zuruk said in his book, Umdatul Muridul Sadiqu, that imam Malik answer to that kind of issue is that it is an innovation, because the earlier learned do no stop using or following a say unless they understood that it is faulty, with reason they left it with them, because they are the first in knowing the prophets traditions. This conforms with what Ibn Masud said when he saw some group of people loudly glorifying the Almighty. He said: “I swear with Allah, you have come with an innovation and an injustice! Do you think you are more in knowledge than the Prophet (SAW)? Ibnul Hajji reported it in his book Madakhal (for more refer to Madakhal).

Imam Shafi’i said “anything that has a root, even if the learned before us did not work with it, is not an innovation, the learned before us may have an excuse for not working with it at their time or they had something which was more appropriate or they did not have the tradition (hadith) in their collection at their time because if they had it they will definitely work with it as laws are found in Shari’a and Shari’a has approved it. At this point, the scholars differ on activities like grouping to recite the Glorious Qur’an or grouping to do zikri loudly and dancing at the same time or giving directive to read something not from the glorious Qur’an or elsewhere while praying.

Although there are traditions the prophets (SAW) that give directives on supplications but there is none that allowed supplication and at the same time gives directive to the audience on what they will recite when it is taking place. An example of such is where the prophet said to his companions when one of them died. “pray for your brother for forgiveness”, but he did not lead then in the prayer. He allowed everyone to pray alone at the burial ground.

Imam Shafi’i explained that “if there is the prophets tradition on an issue, in whatever way the issue is performed it is alright. But Imam Malik said, whenever a tradition regarding an act is not explicit, it is haram to use discretion on it.

the directive by the Prophets (tradition) that, no one should offer Asr prayer unless they arrived Banu Quraiza (a town) but some of his companions prayed before reaching Banu Quraiza, thinking that the prophet meant  that they should make haste on the journey, but they could not be fast up to the asr prayer period. But some of his companions did not offer the asr prayer until when they reached Banu Quraiza because their understanding to the prophets directive is that they must reach Banu Quraiza before offering the Asr prayer whether or not the asr praying period has passed.

when they went back to the prophet (SAW) and reported to him that some prayed before reaching Banu Quraiza and some did not pray until they reached Banu Quraiza every party with their understanding of the prophet’s directive as above. Then the prophet said the prayers of both parties are correct. This has cleared the air regarding using discretion on the tradition or directives in the manner one understood it. None of the two is an accused since everyone referred his or her understanding to the prophets traditions. Ash-Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi said “it is wrong to work with a saying even if it is supported by a tradition (hadith) if the saying is selfishly adulterated like the saying by some people that a musical drum can be beaten to notify marriage, just like the people beating mandiri (a drum) during marriage ceremonies. Ash-sheikh continued by saying that those with this understanding have made a mistake because the specified drums were beaten to notify marriage only not for dances and others at the marriage ceremonies. Therefore referring mandiri to those drums (tambari and dundufa) is a serious joke to religion because there is no relationship in them. It is  a joke and As-sheikh Usman Ibn Fodio said, “joking with religion is an innovation. Ash-Sheikh Usman Ibn Fodio also said in his book called, “Ihya’us Sunnah Wa Ikhmadul Bid’ah” that music and dancing are wrong and are prohibited innovations.

Regarding acts like drums beating, dances songs etc which the sufis say are additional good deeds, Sheikh Usman Ibn Fodio said they are prohibited by Shari’a.

Sheikh Izzakuddeen in his book called Qawaidul Ahkam said the sufi learned ones have differed as follows:-

1- Among them are those who after listening to the glorious Qur’an, they gain knowledge and satisfaction and good characters. They belong to  the upper most category.

2- The second category are those who after listening to a preacher,  gain satisfaction

3- The third of them are those who gain satisfaction when they sing songs when they are on cantation.

4- The fourth are those who gain their satisfaction when they beat drum, dance and sing songs though they know such are prohibited but still they gain satisfaction from them. This is wrong but those who say such are lawful because they have been done by the elders, they are surely on the wrong path.

 5- The other group is that of  those who gain enjoyment only from modern drummers and singers. They believe that when they gain satisfaction, it means the good thing in what they do will overcome the bad deeds.

The sufis say “if such person gained satisfaction then it becomes lawful to him, but if such person added to that drums beating, singing songs and dancing, this shows that he is doing that to arouse his interest and pleasure  even in the area of his religion.

Ash-Sheikh Usman Ibn Fodio said “listening to music and dancing, contrary to the saying of the sufis that it increase the love of religion and comfort, they increase disloyalty to Allah’s rules. “Had it been that they are good  practices, Allah would have directed the prophets to practice them and even order their followers to do same. he also said, “there is no information that such increases loyalty and love of the religion from any of the prophets or their companions or those who followed them.”

Allah has also said His religion is completed in the glorious Quran where he said”

“This day, I have completed to you your religion”.

Had it been that listening to music and dancing are part of the religion, the prophet (SAW) would have said it before the completion of the religion.

The prophet (SAW) also said” I swear by He who controls my breath (Allah), I did not leave anything that will lead you to the paradise and distance you away from the hell fire without telling you. And I did not leave anything away from your knowledge which will lead you to the hellfire and distant you away from the paradise from your notice.

Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi said, “all that was said on listening to music and dancing did not include working with them and nobody can say listening to the Glorious Qur’an or reciting it is prohibited and whoever denies the legality of listening to the Glorious Qur’an or reciting it or listening to the preaching is a disbeliever. However, beating some special drums (dundufa, tambari) and singing songs to women and children on  Sallah day (Idel Fitr and Idel Kabir) are not religiously prohibited.

And what is religiously prohibited is music and songs that include mentioning the names of Allah (SWT) and the prophet (SAW). Those who do this and do not repent, Allah promised to punished them greatly where he said:

“And their prayer at the house (ie the Ka’abah) was not except whistling and handclapping. So taste the punishment for what you disbelieved (ie practice of  deviations).


It is an innovation leading to disbelief, the purity which the sufis attribute to their leaders, e.g. “gausi”, and other frightening names they call some of them, so that the followers do not deviate from their directives and also do not stop being over-awed by them and to also make them accept and obey whatever they say even if it is contrary to Shari’a. Like their saying, “they know what is hidden (gaibi), (i.e. knowledge of whatever, whether open or hidden). They claim they can cause wealth or poverty etc. spiritually.

Ash-Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi said, “All that are referred to the sufis as powers, are all untrue and are all works of satanic people mixed into the religion and are things they extracted from the activities of Jews, Yahud and Christians because whoever can make one to be wealthy or poor spiritually, he or she is claiming the knowledge of the hidden and the open, and is purely a disbeliever, because of the saying of Allah and the consensus of the learned.

Allah said:“None, in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah”.

Also, Allah said to the Prophet (S.A.W) that:

“Say, “I hold not for myself (the power of benefit or harm, except what Allah has willed. And if I knew the unseen, I could acquire much wealth, and no harm would have touched me. I am not except a warner and a bringer of good tidings to people who believe”.

Allah continued by saying:

 “Whoever Allah guides is the (rightly) guided; and whoever he sends astray it is those who are the losers”.

And Allah said to the Prophet (S.A.W):

 “Indeed (O! Muhammad) you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills and He is most knowing of the (rightly) guided.”

 Allah again said:

 “And that when the servants (i.e. Prophet) of Allah stood up supplicating to Him, they almost became about him a compaded mass”. (Jinn verse 19). Say (O! Muhammad), “I only invoke my lord and do not associate with Him anyone”. (Jinn verse 20).

These are proclamations from Allah that no one knows the unseen or any hidden knowledge to enrich or take away riches or life or death except Him. And these facts from the Prophet’s traditions (Sunnah) are from Abu Huraira.

 The Prophet (S.A.W) said:

 “There is nobody whose services will save him.” Then somebody said, “Even you? (The Prophet).” The Prophet answered, “Yes, even I, unless Allah covered me with his mercy, but everyone should try as much as possible to do good.” (Imam Muslim).

And Imam Nawawi added by saying,” This tradition (Hadith) is the basis of the Sunnah learned’s acceptance  that nobody can prove that one will go to paradise or hellfire, or this is lawful or unlawful, unless what is contained in the revelation (Sharia). And whoever asumes  the shoe of a decider on either lawful or unlawful, has associated himself with Jews and Christians, because Allah punished the Jews and Christians for their saying that they are children of Allah and the lovers of Allah (i.e. when they took law into their hands, by saying, nobody will enter paradise unless one is either a Jew or a Christian. Allah responded by saying:

“Haven’t you seen those who purified themselves by saying, “They are children of Allah? They are lying. Only Allah purifies who He wills. And Allah shall not beunjust to any one in anyway.”

 Allah continued:

 “Have you not seen those who claim themselves to be pure? Rather, Allah purifies who He wills and injustice is not done to them (even) as much as a thread (inside a date seed.) (Nisa’i verse, 49).

Also, Bukhari and Muslim reported that:

“The Prophet (S.A.W) heard someone praising somebody.” Then he said, “You have killed your brother if you must press him, just say I think he is a godly person. Say I think this person is a good man, because nobody can purify someone before Allah, whoever said he is pure in his belief (Mu’min), he is a disbeliever (Kafir). And whoever said he is educated, he is an illiterate. And whoever said he has a paradise (i.e. he will enter) he is for the hellfire.” (from Ibn Khasir).

These facts stop anybody from taking the law into his hands, by parading himself as man of Paradise or the hell fire.


The Sufi scholars give themselves some special positions which emanated from the saying of Imam Aliyu Ibn Abi Dalib that every Prophet was given seven chosen people, but Muhammad (pbuh) was given 14 of such people. They include Abubakar, Umar Ibn Mas’ud and Ammar may Allah be pleased with them. (related by Ibn Maja and Tirmiziyyu). But Tirmiziyyu said, “it was said that Aliyu was inclusive. Because when Imam Aliyu was asked, ‘who are they? He said, “myself and my sons and, Ja’afar, Hamza, Abubakar, Umar, and Ibn Mas’ud. But Abdul Barri related that Mas’ud Ibn Umar was not mentioned. Then Tirmizi completed with Khuzaifatu, Abah Zarrin and Miqdadu.

Tilmisani mentioned that Abu Na’im, the transmitter of the Hadith said he Aliyu heard it from the Prophet (S.A.W). The full text of the Hadith reads:-

Every Peophet was given seven special people as supporters. But myself (said the Prophet (S.A.W)) I was given the following:- Hamza, Ja’afar, Aliyu, Hassan, Hussaini, Abubakar, Umar, Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud, Abu Zarrin, Miqdaru, Khuzaifata, Ammar, Salman and Bilal.

And a learned scholar, Zunun Almisri, may Allah forgive him, added that there are people of different status as follows: –

         –           Nakibs                        –           300 people

         –           Najibs                         –           70 people         

         –           Al-Abudahu              –           40 people

         –           Wa-akhyaru              –           7 people

         –           Umdad                       –           4 people

         –           Gausi                         –           1 person in                                                                            the whole                                                                                     world.

These are some grades of the Sufis.

And a Hadith from Abubakar Madu’i, said from someone who saw Khadir (Allah’s servant) and godly man who said to him, “know that when Prophet (S.A.W) died, the earth cried and called Him “my leader”, so you have left me, and no more prophet who will walk upon me, up to the last day” (day of resurrection)? “Allah revealed to the earth that “I shall leave on earth among the people, those whose hearts and minds are alike to that of the Prophets, and I shouldn’t cut them from you until the day of judgement”. He was asked, “How many of them after the prophet (S.A.W)?” It was said: –

         –           Waliyai                       300 people

         –           Nujaba’u                    70 people

         –           Autadu                       40 people 

         –           Nukaba’u                  10 people

         –           Urafa’u                       7 people

         –           Mukhtaruna              3 people

         –           Gausi                         1 person in the whole                                                                     world.

It was also said among the three (3) above, if a Gausi dies, he will be replaced with one of them, then from the seven (7) above, one will be promoted to fill the three (3) and if from the……one dies, one will be promoted from the ………to replace him and if one from the Nakaba’u dies, one from the Autadu will be promoted and made to replace him and if one of the Autadu dies then one from the Nujaba’u will be promoted to replace him while where an ………dies, one from the 300 Waliyai will be promoted to replace him. This process is continuous, till the day of judgement.

And the resurrection day will not come until when there is no person on earth, that say “No deity except Allah”. May Allah include us among the Muslims and resurrect us same. Amen. (This saying is from a book called Ashafah) by Aliyul Khadi, (part one section three).

Ash-sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi said nobody can tell you who those categories of people are. Even among them, (the Sufis) none of them can say he is one of the mentioned people. This is because all these are knowledge of the hidden, and Allah already said, “He will no more (after Prophet Muhammad) send any Prophet: That prophecy has ended.”

As the saying of Allah, “(He is) knower of the unseen, and He does not disclose his (knowledge of the) unseen to anyone, except whom he has approved of among messengers, and indeed He sends before him (i.e. each messenger) and behind him observers.” (Jinn verse 26 and 27).

But prophecy has ended from prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). There is no any other prophet after him, and no message will come down to prove to us that, this person is gausi, talkless of the remaining categories behind the said gausi.

Because Allah said, “say indeed those who invent falsehood about Allah will not succeed”. (For them is brief) enjoyment in this world; then to us their return, then we will make them taste the severe punishment because they used to disbelieve. (Yunus verses 69 and 70).

The author, Ash-Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi said, “May Allah prevent us from strong headedness against His powers. Amen. Lastly, I did not say anything on he who saw Khadir, or the saying, that there will be no any prophecy. I only added that. “Thanks to Allah the lord of mankind”.

It is also among the innovations, following someone in wrong doing by showing love to him even if what he does is wrong or selfish. It is wrong to recite the prayer “Jauharatul Kamali”. Because it is proved beyond all reasonable doubts that reciting it is a mistake both in sense and revelation. And it went contrary to Islamic teachings and Shari’a. Its recitation is as follows:-

“Allahumma salli wa sallim ala sayyidina  Muhammadu ainiramati ar-rabbaniyyati, wa yaqutatu’al mutahaqqiqatu, Al ha’idati bi markazi fuhumee, wal ma’anee wa nurul akwani mutakawwinati nu ru hal’adamiyu sahihul haqqi, rabbanee, albarkil asda’i bima zunil aryahi mali’ati, likulli muta’arridi minal buhuri wal awanee wa nuru kallami’i allazee mal’ata bihi kaunukal ha’idi, bi’amkinatil maka’in Allahumma salli wa sallim ala ainil haqqi allatee minha urushil haqa’iqiainil ma’arifil akwami, saradikal tamul askamu,

Allahumma salli wa sallim ala dal’atil haqqi bilhaqqi kanzul a’azami, ifadatika ilaika ihadatunnuri almudal sami, sallallahu alaihi wa ala alihi ta’arifuna biha iyahu”.

The author, Ash-Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi said, “This prayer is too difficult in recitation and meaning, and it does not correspond with sayings of the prophets, and I think, it was invented from ‘askamu’, because the word indicated that it is more than anyone in pains, more than all sicknesses. It is not as they said, that it was taken from a straight path, as in the Sarfu knowledge. Those who know it have no word of this kind, because there is no name that is “more high” unless in the ismul sulasi a measurement of words in three ways. Also, people who know sarfu knowledge refer it as over up grading something.

And where ever this is not fully explained award or ward are expected to get it completed. e.g. this man. “This man is firm on his feet. But if one says “Askma” in a sarfu, this means a pain is more than a pain or sickness. This is a mistake to compare the prophet with “Sirdikal tamul askmi”. If it is praise they mean.

Though one writer said in his book (Rimalun huzbil Raheem ala nuhuri hizbil jaheem), that the word askamu means a straight path without a bend. “But know that the word askami, is among the words that are used to refer to “firmness” but are use to exaggerate or promote or upgrade the status of something. In fact the word can mean a number of things or has a multi-meaning which can change a good thing to a bad one. (i.e. opposite) instead of using straightforward words for easy understanding.

Sheikh said, “whether intentionally or by mistake, the formation of such word from akwami to askami or any transformation is wrong and should not be used in that regard and must be ignored when used in this manner.

Sheikh Abdullahi Gwandu, the son of Dan Fodio said in his songs on the sarfu knowledge book (Hisnil Rasini) that, “An educated person will not be obeyed if he goes wrong. If truth comes, obey it even if it is from an illiterate. There is no excuse for he who obeyed or followed a wrong footstep of a learned one.”

It is wrong to create an Arab word or words to enable you achievement a selfish interest. And is wrong to selfishly change an acceptable rule of a knowledge so that a word is created to achieve a goal. For this, what they said, askamu is from the word akwamu is wrong. Askamu is from the word “sakama” which means illness or sick condition and referring it to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is a mistake. Even a non-believer is not supposed to refer such to him, talk less of a Muslim who is prohibited to call the prophet with contradictory names – one opposing and the other supporting him, because of the saying of Allah:

“O! you who have believed, say not (to Allah’s Messenger) Ra’ina but say Unthurna, and listen. And for the disbelievers is a painful punishment. (Baqarah, 104).

And in another verse, Allah said, “Have you not considered those who were forbidden from private conversation (i.e. ridicule and conspiracy), then they return to that which they were forbidden and converse among themselves about sin and aggression and disobedience to the messenger and when they came to you they great you with that (word), by which Allah does not greet you and say among themselves, “why does Allah not punish us for what we say?” Sufficient for them is hellfire, which they (enter to) burn and wretched is the destination”. (Mujadala  8).

Sheikh Gumi said, “there is no reason for bringing sheikh Umar Huti’s statement, I brough it only to stop some people from using it to cover the truth as some do so uptill today. They also try to black paint the truth so that they achieve their aim of misleading believers. May Allah guide us rightly and protect us from their bad motive. Amen.

Also from what the innovators impose on people, who deviate from the right path is disallowing them from visiting the rightly guided learned people, by putting hurdles on their way to seeking knowledge. Like telling them not to seek for fiqhu knowledge and that of Shari’a, knowing fully that the two are the foundation of Islamic jurisprudence. In place of this, they place them on unnecessary recitations and prayers that are contrary to true Islamic teachings even even the reciters do not know their meaning.

All these are innovations that are highly prohibited in Islam as nobody has every right to create for the followers of Allah’s Religion rules to follow except Him the creator.

Allah said in the Holy Qur’an:

”Or have they (i.e. other reciters) who have ordained for them a religion to which Allah has not consented? But if not for the decisive word, it would have concluded between them. And indeed the wrong doers will have a painful punishment.” (Shu’ara verse 21).

Also the prophet (S.A.W) said “for which reason people decree what Allah the creator did not decree in His Holy Book? Whoever decreed something contrary to Allah’s saying they are not Lawful and should not be entertained or used.” (Imam Bukhari).

Sheikh Gumi added, “reading names whose meanings are hidden, are useless to the reader as no benefit will be derived from it. Like Allah’s saying. ‘And their prayer at the House (i.e. the Ka’aba) was not except whistling and hand clapping. So taste the punishment for what you disbelieved,’” (i.e. practiced of deviations.” (Al-Anfal verse 35).

Some scholars say, “You can see a person saying ‘La’ilaha illallah’, but he does not know what he is saying. In the same vein, it is possible getting some one calling names who he doesn’t know what comes out of him and it may even be harmful to, he doesn’t know.

Allah said, “And man supplicates for evil (when angry) as he supplicates for good, and man is ever hasty. (Isra’i verse 11).

Ash-Sheikh Usman Ibn Fodio in his book called ‘Bayanil-bidi, said “Like someone who recite some sayings and calls some names unknown to him in prayer, if asked, what has he said? He answers, “I do not know”, it may even be a word or words of disbelief.

And it is part of their rules, using words that have multi-meaning just to cause confusion like the word “Madadu” which on one side means ‘getting benefit’ in their own meaning, while in the Islamic point, it means ‘punishment’. As Allah’s saying in the Glorious Qur’an:

“No! we will record what he says and extend (i.e. increase) for him from the punishment extensively. (Suratul Maryam verse 70).

But if they mean increase in good things it is in quadruple not in triple, where Allah means “Yumdi’ukum bi amwalin wabanina (which means, Allah will increase in your belongings and your children). Allah says:

“whoever deviates from the Prophets’ directives after the truth has reached him, he will taste the result of his hand work, he will be burnt with the hell fire, the reward is a bad one.” (Nisa’i verse 155).

Also, Allah said:

“say (O! Muhammad) “shall we (Believers) inform you of the greatest losers as to (their) worldly life, while they think that they are doing well in their  work” those are the ones who do not believe in the verses of their Lord and in (their) meeting Him, so their deeds have become worthless and we will not assign to them on the Day of resurrection any weight (i.e. importance)”. That is their recompense, Hell for that they denied and (because) they helg my signs and my messengers in ridicule”. (Khafi verses 103-106).

Then Sheikh Gumi added by saying, “What Allah (S.W.T) means by the believers in the verses above is though He is the ultimate knower but the believers there referred to the Prophet (S.A.W), his immediate companions, those who took over from them, those who follow their footsteps and those who believe and follow his teaching up to the last day. he concluded by praying that. may we be among them Amen.


Things that ought to be reminded are; some translators of the Glorious Qur’an are very good in the translation of the verses of the Book but are also very good in bringing in some stories or histories without taking into cognizance the roots of such stories and histories are intentionally created by enemies of the Islamic Religion just to cause confusion or to blackmail the Religion. And some of those stories were taken from the Jews and Nasara who are very good in innovating their religions to suit their needs. Sometimes mistakes come as a result of not giving enough concentration to dig the correct meaning of the verses and the words they contain. Or lack of reasoning between meaning of a verse and the pillars on which Islam was built.

Here are few examples of the false stories that are been transmitted in the Islamic world.

“Among such stories is that of Haruta and Maruta. The story is fully against what Prophet Solomon said not supporting it. The story says: “Angels of Allah, when they saw the amount of evils of the Human beings rising to the top, they started disqualifying the human being then how cannot represent or rule the world, and that Allah said, they should choose from them two Angels to be the representatives on the earth. And that they chose Haruna and Maruta, and that Allah put into them desire or interest just like the Human being. And that Allah had empowered them to do justice between the human beings everyday and go back up at every evening”.

Among things that are prohibited for include “polytheism or innovation, unlawful killing of one another drunkenness, adultery and all judgments should only be in the day time. In the nights they devote themselves in praising Allah then they go up. And that a very beautiful woman by name Zahara’u reported a case to them and her beauty attracted them and they misused her and that they even thought her what they use to say to enable they fly up, and that when she recited the saying, she flew up but that Allah changed her to a star. And that when their time to fly up comes, they recited the saying but their wings could not move to enable them get up, from there they understood that they disobeyed Allah. And that they went to Prophet Enoch (Idris to beg him to pray for them.

That He prayed and that Allah accepted with an option that unless they choose where they will be punished, either in the world, because there will be an end to it. And that up till now they are at Babilon receiving the punishment up to the Day of resurrection”. They said that those Angels are those who taught magic to the people of Babilon. Imam Jamal said this false story is from the Jews, they created it to cause confusion. It is false because it deviated from truth and sense.

Sheikh Gumi said this story has kicked away the immunity Allah clothed His Angels with it. Allah said Angels do not disobey Him. The story also went contrary to history because prophet Enoch lived before continual rain shower (Dufana). He said this kind of created false histories spoils one’s belief. As said above that the Angels are those who taught magic at the time of Solomon which is a pure lie. He said the best thing to do is to refer these kind of false to the Jews learned because they know the truth and know how to manipulate it. Sheikh said whoever knows the truth and changed it intentionally is a Satan. Jews learned are those who manipulated a number of truths and changed them to contrary, just to overcome peoples mind so that they get worldly gains though magic and they always refer such to Prophet Solomon to enable them rule the world. But Allah proved them wrong, because Solomon was not a magician and Angles did not teach magic and they not sent to Babilon and them the Jews the disbelievers.

It is also among the stories the story of Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) which includes a lot of good things about Him (The Adventure of Joseph) it has a lot of very good teachings to record with. It is a story for the consideration of all the mankind, but some learned translators of the Glorious Qur’an turned it towards only His relatives.

For example, what is said in the following verses of the Glorious Book (Suratul Yusuf verses 23-26) when the monster wife demanded to seduce Him and He tried to escape: But it was said He himself intended to succumb to her demand but he saw signs from Allah thus why He Halted. It was also said that His father’s blanket which was with Him (Prophet Jacob) (Yakubu) made the interest in Him to get away of Him through is fingers. That the appearance, and had it been that He did not appear to Him, He would have Sercombe to her demand.

All these are imaginary thoughts and sayings which went contrary the true meaning of the verses; Because he knew when Zulaikha (the masters’ wife) came in the closed the door and faced Him. And he said, “I Seek Allah’s refuge against what you are facing me with”.

The reason is because He knows that wrongdoers will not get good result of their deeds.

Any good believer must deviate from all wrong doing when he thought of the quanciquences of such did thereafter.

They also said badly and intention is not an offence, because Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said, “whoever intend to do bad and changed his mind, has one full reward. Allah is the ultimate knower.

As they said, “until His father, Prophet Jacob (Yakub) came and beat His chest before He changed His mind from her is a great lie because it was thirty years by then, His father was looking from His where about.

Is included in those saying of the Jews to the saying of Allah that, “O you messenger of Allah. Allah is always available for you and also the believers are for you from disbelievers and their evils.

This is a wrong translation because Allah hand with the believers. Because He is the join hand with the believers. Because He is the Defender of the Prophet and also the believers.

The correct translation is: – Allah will defend His messenger and the believers even after the messenger passed away. Allah is the ultimate knower.

Also among the Jewish translations of the verses of the Glorious Qur’an includes their saying to the translation of Allah’s saying “And we did not send before you any messenger or Prophet except that when she spoke (or recited) Satan threw into it (some misunderstanding). But Allah abolishes that which Satan throws in; then Allah makes precise His verse. And Allah is knowing and wise.

(That is) so He may make what Satan throws in (i.e. asserts) a trial for those within whose heart is disease and those hard of heart. And indeed the wrongdoers are in extreme dissension.” (Hajj verses 52 and 53).

Jalalani translator translated the two verses in his translation as follows: –

He said: We did not send in any Messenger before you O Muhammad whom we directed Him on an issue of the messenger given to him, that if he intend to recite the message Satan throws into the message his additional message which is contrary to that of Allah. He said when the Prophet was reciting Najmi chapter of the Qur’an in the midst of His companions, the Quraish tribe said, haven’t you hear the names of Lata’uzza and the third of them narrate? Then Satan threw on the tongue of the Prophet a saying: “Tilka garanikul’ula inna shafa’atu hunnah latur taja” (meaning: These are people with honor, their help is needed). When the Quraish tribe heard that help is needed from their idols they became very happy. From there Angel Gabriel said to him, He said what is not in the Qur’an, that Satan threw it on to His tongue. And the Prophet became very sad, then Allah erected what the Satan threw in to the message to enable the Prophet be at ease, because Allah is the Knower of what the Satan added on to the message and the best filter of the added. Allah is the knower of everything.

What the Satan threw unto the Prophets tongue became a reference to the wrongdoers who have bad motive and bad intention and hypocrites to support their bad argument against the truth.

Verily disbelievers a lost in the Prophet and the believers issues, when the Prophet mentioned their idols, is what they want and it made them to be happy at the end, Allah spoilt what made them happy.

Sheikh Gumi said if this version of translation is critically looked into there are a lot of misled and deviations as to Shari’a, because the translation confirmed what Allah dismissed. The mistake from the initial stage is that the Prophet recited the message, and then the Angel (notified Him of the inclusion. This is never ever suitable to the Prophet and the Prophecy, because initially, Allah said, “that he (i.e. Muhammad S.A.W) may know that they have conveyed messages of their Lord; and He has encompassed whatever is with them and has encompassed all things in number”. (Jinn verse 28).

And their saying is a very bad one and a deviation from the truth because Allah cleared Him (the Prophet) by saying; “By the star when it descends. Your companions (i.e. Muhammad) has not strayed, nor haltered. Nor does he speak from (his own) inclination. It is not but a revelation revealed. Taught him by one intense in strength (i.e. Gabriel). One of soundness. And he rose to Chis) true form. While he was in the higher part of the horizon then he approached the descended. And was t a distance of two bow length or nearer. And he revealed to His servant what he revealed (i.e. conveyed). The heart did not lie (about) what it saw. So will you dispute with him over what he saw? And he certainly saw him in another descent. At the late tree of the utmost. Boundary near it is the garden of refuge (i.e. Paradise) .

Sheikh Gumi continued; I have no information about the idols Lata and Uzza, do they have some relevance on the said mistakes by the Prophet? Because sense and Shari’a do not go together with the said mistake is even wrong or throw to the prophet a word that is contrary to the message given to him. When there covered the Lote Tree that which covered (it). The sight (of the Prophet S.A.W) did not swerve not did it transgress (it limit). He certainly saw the greatest signs of his lord.” (Najmi verse 1-18).

Sheikh Gumi continued. As a result of this verse all knowledge is for Allah. The Prophet before Prophet Muhammad like him (Prophet Muhammad) encountered mistakes and confusions where they thought they were right, then they tried to build on that mistake and Allah disallows them by correcting them and they ended by delivering the correct message without any mistake.

This kind of mistake correction made some hypocritical followers to disbelieve. But the true believers advanced in their belief. This kind of a thing happened to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and the leaders of Makka. At the time He was with them then Abdullahi Ibn Ummu Maktum, who is a blind man entered without knowing that the Prophet was meeting the leaders of Makka he said O Messenger of Allah teach me what Allah notified you. And the Prophet (S.A.W) stood up and entered in to the house with anger because He thought the leaders of Makka will embrace the Religion but his coming in disturbed the move. Then Allah drew the attention of the Prophet (S.A.W) by saying: He (i.e. the Prophet (S.A.W) frowned and turned away. Because there same to him the blind man (interrupting). But what would make you perceive (O! Muhammad) that perhaps he might be purified. (Abasa verse 1 to 3).

As from the day of the revelation the verses when and where ever the Prophet (S.A.W) sees Abdullahi Ibnu Ummu Maktum He receives him with much respect, saying welcome he who Allah corrected me in his respect. The prophet use to put His blanket for him to sit on.

This kind of mistake occurred to Prophet Jonah when he preached and the people deemed and rejected, He became angry.

When He entered a ship to get away from them, then the ship started to sink, the owner of the ship said, ‘if one person is reduced from the passengers, the ship will go well, then a voting was agreed and it fell on Prophet Jonah (Yusuf) and immediately He fall into the water and eventually a fish swallowed Him. And from there He went on saying “There is no deity except Allah, truly I am a wrong doer as Allah said: ‘And (mention) the man of the fish (i.e. Jonah) when he went off n anger and thought that we would not decree (anything) upon him. And he called out within the darkness; there is no deity except you; exalted are you. Indeed, I have been of the wrong doers”, so we responded to him and saved him from the distress. And thus do we save believers”. (Al-Anbiya verse 87 and 88). His mistake was His anger against those people who disbelieved then Allah directed Him to go back to them after which more then 100,000 people believed.

The something happened to Prophet Noah (Nuhu). Where Allah destroyed His son Khan’ana, where he said. “And Noah called to his Lord and said my lord indeed my son is of my family and indeed. Your promise is true; and you are the most just of judges. He said “O Noah indeed he is not of your family indeed he is (one whose) work was other than righteous so ask me not about which you have no knowledge. Indeed I advice you lest you be among the ignorant” (Noah) said, my Lord I seek refuge in you from asking that of which I have no knowledge. And unless you forgive me and have mercy upon me, I will be among the losers.

I was said, O Noah disembark in security from us and blessings upon you and upon nations (descending) from those with. We will grant enjoyment. Then there will tough them from us a painful punishment. (Hud verses 45 to 48).

Such also occurred to Prophet Joseph (Yusuf), when he told someone with who they were jailed, that “Please mention me to you master, but Satan overcame him and forgot the message; Prophet Joseph stayed in the jailed for another ten years.

These kinds of mistakes are those supposed to be mentioned by Qur’an translators: Allah said, “We did not send any messenger until He has the interest to deliver message, then Satan put some kinds of confusion into Him before delivering the message then immediately. Allah is the knower the most perfect in every aspect and the defender.

For this it is not to read a message amongst people. And not an intention to deliver. All these kind of accusation towards the messengers of the should get out of the minds of Godly people.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said. Obedience is a good attitude of a man. Accusable is what irritates and causes doubts in the mind of he who is about doing it. Therefore whoever enlightened you on a religious issue, make sure he or she gives you the proof and facts about the enlightenment or the knowledge given may Allah guide us rightly.

It also happened to Prophet David (Dawud) where translators made a mistake whom translating the following verses. “And has there come to you the news of the adversaries when the climbed over the wall of (his) prayer chamber”.

“When they entered upon David and he was alarmed by them? They said, ‘feel not (we are) two adversaries one of whom has wronged the other so judge between us with the truth and so not exceed (it) and judge us to the sound path”.

“Indeed this is my brother, has ninety nine (99) ewes and I have one (1) we, so he said, entrust her to me and he over powered me in speech”.

“David said, he has certainly wronged you in demanding your ewe, (in addition) to his ewes. And indeed, many associates oppress one another, except for those who believe and do righteous deeds and few are they”. And David became certain that we had tried him, and he asked forgiveness of his Lord and fell down bowing (in prostration) and turned in repentance (to Allah)”.

“So we forgave him that, and indeed for Him is nearest to us and a good place to return”. (Sad verses 21 to 25).

But Zalalul Muhalli translator translated the verses as follows: May be, it was said that some two people who are in misunderstanding. In another saying, that the two were Angels who came to him in a human structure (form), who came to Prophet David to prove to him that he was wrong.

The episode reads, “that Prophet David has ninety nine (99) wives while one of His companions had one, and H envied him for his one wife. The Prophet David sent him to war front and appointed him the head of the group and eventually he was killed. The Prophet David married the wife and that she is the one who borne for him Prophet Solomon (Suleiman) His son. And that the man’s name was Oriya Ibn Hannani”.

Sheikh Gumi commented that this kind of translation and commentaries are not good to take them into cognisance because they do not co-inside with sense talk less of Shari’a. And it did a lot of damages as many people have already built on the translations and comments which turned down the true and correct meaning of the verses, which shows that they go contrary to the truth, the meaning given has changed the meanings and wordings of the Glorious Qur’an. It has also spoilt the good aim of the Holy Book; whish is the foundation of both the worldly and hereafter’s Religion. Some use such comments for play and fancy of which is wrong.

What is lawful Sheikh Gumi said is to live the original form and wordings and also the original information the Holy Book contains. Because the Book was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and in Arabic text so that He (the Prophet) explain to the mankind the correct message given to Him to delivers and to preach to the followers with it. It was revealed to him in his dialect to simplify delivery as He who is not learned (Ummiyyi).

For this, if attentively studies the verses and even the entire chapter teach exactness to the creator and it went on explaining that it is righteousness. And whichever comment that goes contrary to the sayings of Allah is by Allah’s opposition like the Samudus and Pharaoh, which has no good and at all.

But Allah’s directive is permanent and is which persists. But if mistake occurs and correction followed, He will forgive. As is not an intentional fault when in the cause of using the source of Shari’a and a mistake occurs and regret followed with repentance. If Shari’a is used in Governance reference to Prophet David who is a true Servant of Allah whom mankind is directed to follow His footsteps. And Allah proved to Him that He is righteousness and a good servant of Allah. And He was enhanced to serve Allah at any given time and Allah upheld His position as a ruler He was given a lot of qualities to enable Him rule and judge just fully. And He was very kind to the believers and lawful people. He was always bitter when the believers over killed or mishandled.

But being Him a human being He has the traditional human nature of love interest, fill etc. As Allah’s saying. “And we did not send before you any messenger or Prophet except that when he spoke (or recited) Satan threw into it (some misunderstanding). But Allah abolishes that which Satan throws in, and then Allah makes precise His verses. And Allah is the knower and wise”. (Hajj verse 52). For this, what happened to Prophet David in those verses above, it is such that occurred to Him, when He was in the mosque when some two people came to Him through the unusual way, which made Him to suspect on them. But at the end they apologize and he forgives. Then the complainant stated his complains, he said he needs His help against his opponent who is rich and buoyant but wants to confiscate the only one sheep he has, while the rich person has ninety nine (99).

When Prophet David heard the complaint, He pitied the complainant and became angry with the accused’s attitude because it goes contrary to the rule of Allah. Therefore, without even listening to the statement of the accused, He passed His judgment. But this kind of approach by Prophet David is a mistake and a fault. He would have enhanced the accused to give his defense statement before He passes His judgment. He was overtaken by the fact that the accused has 99, he suppose not to own the remaining one. But his over anxiety to pass his judgment without enhancing the accused to talk is the accusation. It was expected from Him to make an investigation and also enchancing the accused to defend himself before passing His judgment. When He understood His mistake He was very sorry and worried and He fell down and worship His Lord and begged for His forgiveness and Allah forgave Him.

But for the saying that He did not appoint any commander except the husband of the woman he married was not true.

Sheikh Gumi said, since there had never be an instance in the submission which said the accused said something to prove the complainant translator Zalalu al Muhalli said, nobody can add that the defendant defended himself. Because the verse did not indicated that he made a defense. Since he did not talk we cannot create that he talked.

For this, the mistake made by Prophet David may Allah accept His deeds is truly a mistake, since He passed His judgment before hearing from the accused. Therefore He repented and His being angry shows His human nature, for what He heard. He passed judgment the same way Prophet Jonah did to His people, by being angry with them when they refused to listen to Him, this made Him migrate away from them.

And on realizing his situation, he started praying saying “La’ilaha illa anta subhanak in nee kuntu minaz-zaalimeen” which means “There is no God but Allah and I am indeed among the transgressors”, until Allah saved him from the belly of the shark.

The Sheikh stated that the word “Na’aja” as used in the verse in question actually refers to a female cow not a woman as explained previously that Prophet Daud used his power to take over the wife of his commander. The mistake that was made was only that of passing judgment without a full investigation. This is what Allah mentioned before after the story of Prophet Daud, and Allah mentioned Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so that the latter will learn about Daud’s patience in bearing the troubles he went through with his people and Allah said: “Be patient over what your people said and remember the story of Daud the man of strength who is also going back to his lord”. It continued to where Allah said to Prophet Daud “We then forgave him of that sin he committed because he is before us a respectful and Pius man with decent and blissful end”.

Allah continued by saying “O Prophet Daud we’ve made you a vicegerent on earth therefore judge your people with the truth and do not be selfish which will take you away from the path of Allah for those who leave the path of Allah will have a most painful punishment for forgetting the judgment in the last day.

Consequently, the Sheikh maintained that there is no doubt that Prophet Daud was highly honoured by his lord because He identified this as his vicegerent who will judge his people on earth and anyone charged with this great task needs concentration, thought, reasoning and sincerity and should never succumb to the evil temptations of his heart and display anger where he is suppose to be clam. This is because one who is angry can never be just because he will be controlled by his emotions which will make him deviate from Allah’s path and whoever deviates from God’s path will have His punishment awaiting him in the last day and Allah has protected His prophets from that.

Equally, if the mistake committed by Prophet Daud had been in falling in love with a married woman and asking her husband to divorce her for him while the husband refused even though this is legal under their law, he did not do so because of the respect he had for the husband. The story also holds that when the man refused to divorce his wife, Daud made him a commander and sent him to the battle field after which he married his wife.

Sheikh Gumi says this statement negates the trust which is known to be a common feature of Prophets of God. Each prophet must be trustworthy and one who betrays trust can never be made a Prophet and trust is all about abstaining from what Allah prohibits as well as any evil deliberately while deceit is the opposite of this. Also, betrayal and deceit do not return to Allah but Allah has stated that Prophet Daud is someone highly honoured by Him and he is also one who frequently refers his affairs to Allah. Therefore one with these noble qualities cannot resort into decent and betrayal because Allah also said” Allah does not guide the deceit of those who are deceitful (Yusuf: 52) Allah knows best.


It has been stated previously that the “Kalimatush-Shahada” is the bedrock of Islam and it is over it that every material and spiritual knowledge is established. Its meaning is “There is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger”. Therefore, anyone who worships Allah not in the way the Prophet (PBUH) prescribed, such worship will be rejected and in the last day. This explain why the message of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) becomes the final message while he is the seal of all Prophets for there will be on one after him and therefore anyone who comes with any message after his, such will not be accepted. The Prophet (PBUH) also never answered any religious question after his death nor has anyone been entrusted to deliver any message after him because the religion had been completed and God had completed His favour and had chosen Islam for us as religion before the Prophets death. Allah has also promised to protect this religion the way he revealed it therefore praise be to Allah for this protection.

Sheikh Gumi continued by saying that it will be good for us to know the meaning of Allah and “Thagut” which comes in the Qur’an where it is said that “There is no compulsion in Islam because the truth is manifest from falsehood and whoever disbelieves with “Thagut” indeed has faith in God and has indeed held a strong rope, which will never cut, and Allah is all hearing and all knowing (Baqara: 256).

“Llahu” on the other hand means anyone who legalizes one thing and prohibits another without any restriction or fear of anyone. It is divided into two classes. The first one refers to Allah who sent Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the entire, humanity with proofs and undeniable signs. This is the true God and anyone who follows Him holds the strong rope which never breaks and he will be victorious in the last day.

The meaning of the second “llahu” is anything that commands and prohibits which differs from the message brought by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Imam Suyuti states, in his book “Itkanu fee Ulumil Qur’an” saying that “Thagut” is a soccer in Ethiopia and it has been stated in the Arabic dictionary to mean “someone who tells what is in the hidden “or that the word is derived from “Khahana” from “Karuma” meaning “one who performs sorcery or whose tradition is performing sorcery”.

Allah says He is the guardian of those who have faith because He saves them from darkness and leads them to light while those who disbelieve are those whose guardian are the “Thagut” who take them from the light (truth) to darkness (evil). These are the companions of Hellfire and in it shall they remain forever (Baqara: 257).

It has also been related in one book on the commentary of the Qur’an that the word “Zulumat” refers to disbelief while “Nur refers to faith in Islam and believing a sorcerer is a clear disbelief to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Islam actually refers to the lifestyle ordained by Allah the Almighty as proclaimed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and conveyed to us. Anyone who strictly adhere to it in the conduct of his affairs is indeed a Muslim i.e. who acknowledges Allah as his Lord and guardian while anyone who deviates from it and acknowledges someone or something else besides Allah will be responsible for that which he acknowledges. Any judge who judges not by what Allah reveals but by something else he has become a “Fasiq” and what he does is forbidden while if he legalizes what he does he becomes an unbelievers because Allah says “Those who do not judge according to what Allah has revealed are indeed unbelievers” and He also says “those who do not judge according to what Allah has revealed are indeed transgressors and also those who do not judge according to what Allah has revealed, they are indeed immoral” (Ma’idah: 44-47).

Equally, when a Muslim takes his case to judge who us not a Muslim knowing very well that there is a Muslim judge around, when he maintains, that what he did is wrong, he becomes a sinner and an immoral person in his conduct.

However, when he legalizes and such action, he is then considered an unbeliever unless if he repents because approving disbelief is itself a disbelief because Allah says “Have you not seen those that have been given a share in the book believing in sorcery and witchcraft and telling the unbelievers that you are more guided than the believers who believe in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Those who make this statement are those whom Allah has cursed and whosoever Allah curses will have no any helper before Him (Nisa’i: 51-52).

“Thagut” means a sorcerer while “Jibt” means a devilish scholar or a witch and Imam Suyuti has stated in his book “Ittikanu” a hadith narrated by Abi Hatim where it is stated that “Thagut” is a devil in Ethiopia, Abdullahi bn Khumairi also reported a Hadith from Ikhrima which reports that “Jibt” in Ethiopian language means a devil. Equally Ibn Javir reported from Sa’id bn Jubair that what is meant a sorcerer. Sheikh Gumi, on his own part believes that a devil is anyone who knows the truth but refused to be guided by it and they are found both among the humans and the Jinn as Allah says in the Qur’an in (Suratul-Jasiya) “God has created the heavens and the earth with the truth so as to reward every soul with what it has done and no a soul shall be denied its reward.” Allah also continued in another verse by saying “Have you not seen the one who holds the desires of his heart as his own God and whom Allah has misguided with his full knowledge and whom He blocked his hearing, heart and sight, who then can guide such a person other than Allah, why don’t you become warned? (Jasiya: 22).

From here we can deduce that whoever resorts to someone other than Allah in order to have some of needs provided has indeed gone out of Islam. This also extends to judgment using means other than that provided by Allah. The entire aforementioned are acts which should only be performed in accordance with Allah’s injunctions. Unfortunately many Muslims have failed in these acts and have fallen into disbelief which has rendered them weak and less popular. May Allah bring them back to the right path?

Some scholars have maintained that our society will never become good unless we return to the Shari’ a as the earliest Muslims and our problem is one that is global.


The enemies of Islam have launched several attacks on Islam and the Muslims from all angels but without success accepts a little through deceit and projection of their way of life as the most civilized. They do this through the use of western education which they use to divert the attention of especially our youth from their religion and make them concentrate only on worldly things. They’ve also turned away the attention of the Muslims from bearing the prestigious language of Arabic which is a vital tool for understanding the Islamic religion a language whose total ignorance almost amounts to ignorance of the religion. These people establish some Muslims who fall pray to their deceit on some writing which is repugnant to established traditions of Islam. Some of the books used by these dubious scholars encourage the patronage of different “Thariqa” ideologies like “Kushfu” and “Wilayat” which refer to “relieving” and “saint ship”. They teach these through their patronage of “Thariqa” schools and respect for saints which are given the exalted attributes of Allah. They also divert the attention of particularly the young Muslims from worshiping Allah into reciting poetry, singing and dancing which have no Islamic bases.

Secondly, the activities of the Europeans in different parts of the world which took them into establishing schools in the Islamic world to spread their treacherous and anti Islamic ideology led to the appointment of people with sympathy for them in various private and public positions of authority so as to represent their interest when ever things like appointments and other important national issues come up while the Muslims remain in the slumber dancing and reciting poetry in the name of religion.

When the Muslims rose from this slumber and realized that they had been left behind educationally, they decided to enrolled their children into these schools with a view to bridging the gap between them and their enemies but unfortunately, because of the immorality and other indecent attitudes preventing in these western oriented schools, those children ended up loosing the Islamic training they received in their respective Islamic homes and turned into Muslims with European thought and ideology firmly established in their minds.

These classes of Muslims are usually used by the Europeans to attack some Islamic teachings and principles as either being “fanatical”, “fundamentalism”, “terrorism”, and “uncivilization” etc. Everyone therefore who does not conform to the European ideology is said to be uncivilized. Although the Europeans are gaining some degree of success in establishing their ideology in the minds of some Muslims especially those who received training in their schools, their victory is only minimal because of Allah’s statement where He says “indeed our contingent will be victorious”.


His eminence, the late Muhammad Bello bn Fodio has stated in one of his books “it is not proper for a student to engage in reading any of such books because most of what they contain is repugnant to the Shari’a”. On his part, Sheikh Gumi said “These types of books are many in the hands of people and many people do not even know that they are bad. In fact their number cannot even be ascertaining because in some cases they even outnumber the genuine books”. However, these are some of the signs through which some of them can be identified: –

Any book which identifies a “Waliy” like to say someone is a “Kudub”, or a “Ghausi” who claims he can see Allah or can guarantee someone admission to paradise or any book in which the writer will claim he can show you how to relate with any known sheikh who gan help you to secure or attract Allah’s mercy or any book which will teach you how to get to a stage at which you can converse with prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a prelude to your haring contact with   Allah.

Good examples of these books are the ones titled “Fiyudati rabbaniyatu fil ma’asiri walauradil kadiriyyah”. This is a book which teaches Qadiriyya ideology. Such books also include any book that teaches the Tijjaniyya ideology though not the type that has been written by Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani himself. They also include books written to teach the Qadiriyya ideology with the exception of those written by Sheikh Abdulqadir himself. Therefore books like “Jawahirul Ma’ani” of the Tijjaniya brothers and all its teachings are destructive and should be avoided.

Equally, any book which prohibits the recitation of religious books or Arabic language as well as any book which teaches extreme subservience and veneration of any Sheikh to the point of being like a corpse in the hands of undertakers with a view to attracting Allah’s reward should be rejected. On this same line is also any book which teaches innovative practices and evil temptations of the heart which teach certain practices that one will carryout to acquire some material wealth or succeed in marrying a woman whom one intends to marry or some other similar things.

All these aforementioned are books which lead people to evil and darkness and take them away from the truth while Allah on His own part calls people to the home of peace and He is the only one who leads whomever He pleases. When someone asks you weather all these information’s are true, tell him with all certainty and swear by Allah that it is and whoever refuses to abide by the truth, Allah’s power and grip would certainly hold onto him.

Sheikh Gumi concluded by saying that “these pieces of advice which I presented, I did so to awakened people from their slumber and I hope it will lead them in all their activities. I hope and implore Allah to appreciate it and reward me for it. We also thank Allah for guiding us for we could not have been guided if not for him. Allah says “We have revealed the Qur’an as a Warner and we are those who can safeguard it”. Allah has spoken the truth.

Peace and blessings of Allah should be bestowed on the last of all Prophets and Messengers, member of his family, his friends and all those who follow his footsteps till the Day of Judgment.

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