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A Posh Mosque, that Looks Like A Forest, Designed Like One Due To Inspiration from the Qur’an

Check the interior of posh Hamidiye Camii Mosque in the city of Kirʂehir, Turkey that looks like a forest..

People usually say there is heaven on the Earth I thought they are only referring to the mundane things until I came across this mosque,so I decided to share it to the fellow Nigerians. How you being thinking of going to Turkey? don’t forget to visit this heaven on the Earth mosque.  While the outside looks like a conventional mosque, the interior of the mosque is entirely designed like a forest. One would be left astonished by the inside of the mosque designed extremely wonderful and different from normal modern mosques of the world. 

Initially a particular mosque once occupied the place before. It was built in the 1910’s during the Ottoman empire but was demolished, this wonderful mosque was constructed, built on the same spot of the former mosque. People could not keep mute but circulate it on the internet.

 It is large to not large enough because the mosque keeps garnering worshippers due to its unique soaring wall, grass-covered floor, wood paneling stairs. 

 It is attracting numerous adherents from different parts of the city. People find comfort in praying in the mosque. The wall of the mosque was painted by an Azerbaijan architect, he must be a genius. He perfectly did the job that one would think it is a real forest.

The amir (imam) of the mosque, Sefa Ekinci stated: “When I was assigned to this masjid as an imam, I started to gather as much information as I could about its history and also the developments that were done on the new project to date. The people involved in the project told me that they were inspired by Ayah (verse) 22 from Surah (chapter) al-Baqarah from the Holy Qur’an” which reads:

 (He) who made for you the earth a bed (spread out)and the sky a ceiling and sent down from the sky rain, brought forth thereby fruits as a provision for you. So do not attribute to Allah the equals while you know (that there is nothing similar to Him)”

So the architect of the mosque might have been inspired by the description of the earth in this verse/ provision of Allah’s rahma to mankind. save up to 80% data.

It is advantageous because it brings people closer to Allah by observing praying there, reminding them of pleasure of the heaven. It looks calm and deafening.

Photocredits from Alamy stock photo and Google

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