A painful true-life story…: Parents be EXTRA CAREFUL!

A sister said;
One day I was busy cleaning up my house when my little child came around to fall a glass decor which broke immediately.

I got so mad at him because it was an expensive decor gifted to me by my mom.

I literally loved it so much and loved keeping it,so out of anger I cursed him saying:
(May wall crush your bone)
In case you are surprised, well cursing is almost part of SOME Arab regular speech which they usually utter without paying attention to…May God guide us all

She said:
Years later I forget about the curse and didn’t even care about it not knowing it was already raised to heaven.

My son grew up with his siblings and he became my most favourite child among others.

He was so kind to me compared to his siblings. He studied and got employed until it was time for us to prepare him for marriage.

His father use to have an old house he intended to demolish and rebuild.

My son went with his father to the apartment complex while the workers were preparing to demolish it.

In the middle of the work my son went away from his father,only for an unattentive worker to fall a big wall on him. My son screamed briefly and then his voice disappeared.

Everyone rushed to his spot, removed pieces of rocks from his top, and waited for the paramedics to arrive and save his life as they were not able to lift his body as his bones were crushed into pieces.

His father gave me a call to inform me of my beloved son’s presence in the ICU.

I passed out immediately, and as soon as I regained my consciousness it was as if the hour I cursed him was rewound in my eyes. I wept bitterly until I passed out again.

I didn’t regain back my consciousness except at the hospital I was taken to. I requested to see my son and how I wish I didn’t see him in that condition.

I saw him at the time the heart monitoring machine stopped working and he took his agonal breathing.
I screamed and cried repeating:

How I wish he is back to break all precious decors I got.

How I wish I was dumb at the hour I cursed him.

How I wish , and wish and wish that my wish will just be fulfilled.

But of what benefit is my wish now!!!

*Parents, let’s be careful of what we utter when we are angry.

We don’t know the ones that God will sign on.*


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