World, Business Leaders Behind Insurgency In Nigeria, Others –Rtd General

most of the political crises in Sudan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Chad and even the war in Ukraine have the imprimaturs of major world powers and some “deep states” who orchestrate them, upset global peace for their political and business interests

August 7, 2922

The various wars and terrorist’s activities currently pulverizing many countries around the globe, including Nigeria, will not subside until world leaders and international businessmen considered to be non-state actors stop fueling insurrections in exchange for natural resources, a security chief and retired Army General has said.

According to him, most of the political crises in Sudan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Chad and even the war in Ukraine have the imprimaturs of major world powers and some “deep states” who orchestrate them, upset global peace for their political and business interests.

The General, who chose to be anonymous for security reasons, said Owo in Ondo State and various parts of Zamfara and Osun states have become hot beds of hostilities driven by some countries and high net worth individuals because of the huge deposits of gold in those areas.

“They orchestrated the war in Libya, knowing that the movement of arms from there will get to Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and they allowed it. Some of these groups are even using helicopters to ferry arms properly into those countries. This is because the world economy dictates that if you can cause insurgency in a country that has great potentials, these deep states come in to balkanize it.

“It depends on the area. There are different zones- Iran, Iraq, Syria. There are different crisis zones, and there are different actors. So, you can’t say who. There are many actors. Just know that the West on the one hand and the powers in the East on the other.

“The Chinese are involved in the crises in Sudan, hence it was balkanized with the West supporting South Sudan while China supports Sudan; the Russians are involved in Mali, France is involved in Niger Republic. So it’s not about who but they are the ones causing these terrorist activities in all parts of the world.

“You must differentiate the deep states from the world powers. The deep states are less than one per cent in the world and they are everywhere; they are not always countries. If you talk about world powers, you might be talking about America, Britain, European Union. They are more than that.

“A Nigerian can even be member. It can be somebody in Greece, Argentina, and they have their cohorts. If you want to know them, you go to the World Economic Forum in Davos. You will see the people I am talking about. They usually hold their meetings in January or February but now they have changed it to summer.

“It does not matter the country they are but they are less than one per cent of the people that govern the world. It is not just about the United States or Russia; they are the ones controlling the world, the world economy in particular.

“They have their hands in this issue you see in Ukraine because on Tuesday here British Petroleum got the highest profit ever in so many decades. This is the second time in their history that they are hitting such economic performance.

“It is these deep states that are causing the problem. That is the beginning of the Blood Diamonds. If you go to the DR Congo, the richest in the world in terms of natural resources, what you have there is sponsored terrorism and armed banditry, and they are busy taking the resources while the local were fighting.

“If you look at Libya, it is the richest in terms of natural gas. What did they do to it? Anywhere you see resources or geo-political strategic gain, you will find them there. If you look at Somalia, it is a strategic location for the world powers to have inroad into the Middle East. That is why Somalia has not known peace. Hence, the Russians are there, the British and the Americans too, all struggling to have control of Somalia, so that they can have their bases there.

“You remember the story of Black Hawk Down when the Somalis shot the American fatal Hawk down during the exploits of Americans there because they were sponsored by the Russians. Now the Chinese are also there.

“And if you look at Sudan. The reason there is that the Chinese and Americans are fighting over Sudanese resources. The Chinese have the North while the Americans have the South. And since they divided the country among themselves, there is relative peace there. And what are they doing? Exploiting the resources there! There is always a theoretical linkage between resources in poor countries and armed banditry. That is if you look at the intelligence estimate globally, there is no way a hostile intelligence services can have an inroad into a country if the insiders in that country, the politicians are not supporting them.

“Look at Chad, look at Niger, look at Mali. The reason those places are boiling is because of the mineral resources they have. And if you look at Nigeria now, let us come home. The reason we have so many crises is because of the resources. If you go to Lake Chad Basin, it is the richest area where you can get Uranium. They are clandestinely mining Uranium there. The place is also very rich in natural gas and crude oil.”

On the killing of al-Qaida leader, Ayam al-Zawahim at the Afghanistan city of Kabul, by the United States last weekend, he said that is what nations do to protect their citizens.

“You would recall that a $25 million bounty was placed on him many years ago. If you think your citizen’s safety, well-being and welfare are being jeopardized, threatened by other countries or a non-governmental organization in any parts of the world, what nations do is to eliminate that threat.

“So the killing of Ayam al-Zawahim in Kabul was not a continuation but a provoked incident. The Taliban basically allowed the spiritual leader of al-Qaeda a safe place in their country. And the implication is that they might be planning something and so the best thing was to take him out via a drone attack. If he had not moved to Afghanistan, perhaps it would not have happened there.”

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