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7 mistakes We make In Salah (prayer)

Salah is a way to communicate with Allah and it should be done with all sincerity and honour. Many people these days don’t value praying (sallah) they do it as a normal routine and I the course of it they make many tiny mistakes which render the prayers useless

Below are some of the mistakes we make and we need to correct and be careful with those mistakes.

1. Reading too fast

This has to do with reading the holy Quran, we are supposed to read it with calmness and concentration not too fast and to understand.

2. Fingers and toes not facing Qibla

3. When making sajdah raising the of feet from the ground

4. Changing of position before the imam

In changing of position a good Muslim is supposed to know that he is to follow the imam so he should not change position during prayers before the imam

5. Not having straight back in ruku

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While praying your back need to be straight and not bent during ruku

6. Not having nose touching ground in sujud

7. Elbows touching ground in sujud when they shouldn’t be

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