6 Sunnah Every Parent Should Perform After The Birth Of Their Child

JULY 19, 2022

Islamic Information

Child birth is one of the most amazing blessings given to us by the Almighty Allah. After the child is born, these are the Sunnah that everyone should perform.

We present to you the 6 Sunnah which every parent should do after their child has been born;

Table of Contents

1. Adhaan (Saying prayer)

When a child is born, the Adhaan should be said in his/her ear.

In the right ear, the Adhaan should be recited, and in the left ear Iqamah. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did the same. In Tirmidhi, it is written;

Adhan and iqamah sunnah after birth

2. Tahneek

It is a sunnah, in this, you chew a date and put it on the palate of the child, so he can swallow it easily. If the date is not available, you can also put honey in Baby Boy’s or Baby Girl’s mouth.  This should be done by the elder person or the Aalim.

The process of Tahneek saves newborns from brain damage, science proved.

Tahneek sunnah after birth

3. Naming

Honorable names for your child have importance in Islam. Prophet (PBUH) has always chosen names with beautiful meanings. You can also name your Baby Boy or Baby Girl on the companions of Muhammad (PBUH). In some traditions, it is said that Naming the child on the day of his Aqeeqa.

4. Aqeeqa (Before the 7th day)

Aqeeqa, in easy words, is a form of Sadaqah which safeguards your boy or girl from all Evil.

aqeeqa sunnah after birth

Two sheep or Goats if you had a Baby Boy.

One sheep or Goat if you had a Baby Girl.

aqeeqa 2 sunnah after birth

5. Shaving His or Her head

It is compulsory to shave Baby Boy or Baby Girl’s head on the 7th day, along with Aqeeqa as it is mustahabb (desirable).

shaving head sunnah after birth

6. Circumcision

Circumcision of a boy should be done before he reaches maturity. It is also advisable to do it on the 7th day after he is born. Prophet (PBUH) had gotten the circumcision of Hassan (R.A) and Hussain (R.A) on the 7th day.

May Allah Give Guidance To Every Parent To Do Justice To Their Child…

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