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The Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace (IDFP) organised a four-day workshop in Abuja from 5th to 9th September, 2021. I participated fully in the workshop. However, I noticed that a certain man was trailing me inside the hotel during the workshop. He was also a delegate. He shadowed me for

The Queen was buried with NOTHING

“Now let us remove all symbols of power from the coffin, so that our sister, Elizabeth can be committed to the grave…. At the funeral service of late Queen Elizabeth, towards the end of the service, I was touched by the Archbishop’s last words before the body was taken to the

Singing and Music in Islam

 -ialamicity September 26, 2022 Among the entertainments which may comfort the soul, please the heart, and refresh the ear is singing. Islam permits singing under the condition that it is not in any way obscene or harmful to Islamic morals. There is no harm in its being accompanied by music