First day of Zhul Qi’ida 1443AH

Assalamu Alaikum The Sultanate Council Sokoto has declared Wednesday 1/6/2022 as the first day of Zulki’ida1443 AH.Yahaya Muhammad BoyiSarkin Malaman Sokoto Secretary MSC May Allah SWT BLESS us with the BEST of the month and beyond. AAMEEN YA RABBAL ALAMEEN

Benefits of Ayatul Kursiyyu

►1. Recite while Leaving your House, And 70,000 Angels Will ProtectYou from All sides. ►2. Recite On Entering your Home, And Poverty Won’t Enter your Home. ►3. Recite After ablution, And It Raises You 70 Times In Allah’s Rank. ►4. Recite Before Sleeping, And 1 Angel Will Protect You