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The Abandonment of the Quran

Muslims of today need not ask why they are now living a humiliating reality, even while not lacking in numbers or wealth. They need not look further than the Qur’an for the solution. It is known as “al-Kitab” (the Book). It is so well known and highly revered that when any Muslim refers to “the


Yahya related to me from Malik that Muadh ibn Jabal said, “The last advice the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, gave me when I put my foot in the stirrup was that he said, ‘Make your character good for the people, Muadh ibn Jabal!’ ”Al-Muwatta – Hadith 47.1.1

Recharge Your Iman Before Ramadan

We all need an iman boost sometimes, right? With the blessed month of Ramadan approaching, many of us feel the need to rekindle our iman in order to reconnect the best way we can with our Creator سبحانه و تعالى. But some things always seem to be standing in our way. In this article,

What did Jafar say to the Christian Ruler?

March 26, 2022  –islamicity.org Some of the major aspects of the mission and method of Prophet Muhammad  are eloquently presented in a speech that one of his companions, Jafar ibn abi Taalib, made to the Christian ruler of Abyssinia in Africa in the year 616 CE. Jafar was the spokesman of


The most precious moments in history happened in the silence of solitude — where the world ceased to speak but the heart found its voice.  What no war could accomplish, a submicroscopic infectious being did. Perhaps it’s time to ponder.  We are told to live everyday as though it’s our last. It

The Inner Dimensions of Fasting

March 30. 2022 Three Grades It should be known that there are three grades of fasting: ordinary, special and extra-special. Ordinary fasting means abstaining from food, drink and sexual satisfaction. Special Fasting means keeping one’s ears, eyes, tongue, hands and feet – and all