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The Quranic Meaning of Iman

 BY: MANSOOR ALAM   SOURCE: ISLAMICITY JAN 7, 2021 Historical Quran in Selimiye Mosque in Turkey (photo: iStock by Getty Images). The root of the word “Iman” is a-m-n which means: to be calm and quiet (in one’s heart); to be protected from fear; trustworthiness, and truthfulness [Taj-al-Urus].

The Sacred Month of Rajab

 BY: AMATULLAH   SOURCE: SUHAIB WEBBFEB 14, 2021 Contents [hide] 1 Reflect on your Life and Deeds 2 Deprive your Nafs (lower self) 3 Fasting 4 Remember the Hereafter 5 Charity 6 Supplicate (make du`a’) to Allah 7 Take Care of Your Tree Allah  has