17 rulings every Muslim should know about ZAKAT AL – FITR

Q: What is the ruling regarding Zakah al-Fitr?

ANS: Zakah al-Fitr is mandatory upon every Muslim, young or old, male or female, free or enslaved.

Q: With what is the Zakaah al-Fitr given?

‎ANS: A Saa’ (four handfuls) of food, dates, barley, raisins, and cheese; and according to the most correct opinion of the scholars, what is also included with these types is anything that the people nourish themselves within their countries like rice, maize, millet and anything similar to these.

Q: What is the measure for Zakaah al-Fitr?

ANS: What is mandatory for this is one Saa’ from the food of the country and its measurement is with Kilos—approximately three Kilos.

Q: When is the time for giving Zakaah al-Fitr?

ANS: it is given on the days of the 28th, 29th, and 30th as well as the night of ‘Eid. It is also given in the morning of ‘Eid before the Prayer.

Q: What is the reason for giving Zakaah al-Fitr?

ANS: To show gratitude for the blessings of Allaah upon the servant regarding the breaking of the fast of Ramadaan and its completion. Ibn ‘Uthaymiin

Q: Who is Zakaah al-Fitr given to?

ANS: It is not to be given except to the poor.

Q: What is the ruling on entrusting children or other than them with giving Zakaah al-Fitr on a person’s behalf?

ANS: It is permissible for a person to authorise his children to give Zakaah al-Fitr on his behalf at its time even if he is in another country at the time for work.

Q: Is it permissible for the poor to authorize someone else to take the Zakaah al-Fitr for him?

ANS: It is permissible.

Q: Is it permissible to give Zakaah al-Fitr in its worth (in money)?

ANS: It is not permissible to give its worth (with cash) according to the opinion of many scholars due to its opposition to the direct statement of the Prophet.

Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said: Giving it in cash will not suffice, because it has been prescribed to be given in food.

Q: Is it permissible to give Zakaah al-Fitr in a country different from the one its giver is in?

ANS: The Sunnah is to distribute it amongst the poor in the country of the one giving it and to not give it in cash in a different country so that he can enrich the poor from his country and satisfy their need.

Q: Where is Zakaah al-Fitr given?

ANS: Zakaah al-Fitr is dispensed in the land that you are in upon breaking the fast [of Ramadaan] even if it is far from your country.Advertisements

Q: Is Zakaah al-Fitr given for a fetus?

ANS: It is not given on the fetus’s behalf due to it being obligatory; rather it is given because it is highly recommended.

Q: Is it permissible to give Zakaah al-Fitr to Non-Muslim workers?

ANS: It is not permissible to give it to other than the poor from the Muslims.

Q: Is the Zakaah al-Fitr for a single person given to just one individual or can it be dispersed amongst several people?

ANS: It is permissible to give the Zakaah al-Fitr for a single person to an individual just as it permissible to distribute it amongst a number of people.

Q: What is the ruling on the one who accepts Zakaah al-Fitr and then sells it?

ANS: If the one who took it was deserving of it, it is permissible for him to sell it upon receiving it.

Q: Delaying the giving of the Zakaah al-Fitr to after ‘Eid without an excuse.

ANS: Delaying it until after the Sallah is Haram (impermissible) and it will not suffice.

Additional Information: Curled from Hadiths from Ibn Baaz and Ibn ‘Uthaymiin in the book of Al-Fataawaa and al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah).

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